Different habits of taking a break at noon, do you like taking a nap?

What are you doing during your lunch break at noon? Apart from lunch, do you have a nap? It is better to work or study directly after lunch. This is very different in different countries or regions. When you are familiar with a certain habit, it is really not so easy to make changes.

Starting from the kindergarten in Taiwan, as long as it is during the lunch break, there will always be a sleep session. It is no exception until high school. University is not counted. After all, the class time is not particularly fixed and will not be connected to the class, but waited out. After social work, most companies still have the habit and time for a nap during a lunch break. Even if the time is not particularly sufficient, they will try to squint and take a break of about 10-20 minutes.
From the perspective of our traditional habits and health preservation, noon restorative sleep is good for the body. It allows the body to repair naturally, better than eating other nutritious foods, especially modern people go to bed late and take a nap. Let the spirits be better, so that the working hours in the afternoon will not be so weak, otherwise you can only rely on drinking coffee and tea to make it through. The point is that after you make it, you may get better at night, leading to continued late sleep. , A very strange loop.

I’m used to taking a nap in Taiwan, but I’m a little uncomfortable when I go abroad. Although they have lunch breaks, the time is much shorter than in Taiwan. Basically, lunch is almost over, and they will return to work sooner. Or the state of study, but the advantage of this is that the time between work and class is relatively early. In short, it is better to go home and rest after doing things quickly, where it is not so comfortable to rest.

This is also related to the difference in living habits. Unless there is a party or go to a bar to have fun in a foreign country, otherwise they will rest early and there is not so much entertainment at night. Just watch TV shows or games, which is better than our life. To be normal, this is also a place that many people are not used to at first. They will feel boring at night. Life is not as convenient as Taiwan. You have everything to go out.

On the contrary, we often say that early to bed and early to rise. There are really few young people who can really do it. Even middle-aged people can’t do it. They go to bed very late. Therefore, if you don’t take a nap at noon, sometimes it’s true. It will be too much to eat, but there is enough to sleep well in the afternoon nap, otherwise it may be counterproductive and feel more tired.

The conclusion is to go back to the basics, go to bed early and get up early, follow the normal life rules, get up when the sun comes out, and prepare to rest when the sun goes down, so maybe it doesn’t matter if you don’t need a nap. Of course, you can sleep. It’s still very enjoyable no matter when and where , Do you like to sleep? I like to sleep until I wake up naturally. When I feel tired, I need to sleep. I wake up when I feel tired.


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