How can you exercise with alcohol? Is it okay to drink more?

How do drinkers persuade people to drink? Just tell the other party to drink more and the amount of alcohol will get better. This is the most frequently heard sentence, and it is also a sentence I have said before. It does not mean that I think I drink very well, but sometimes it is the atmosphere that I want everyone When we drink together, we will say this sentence. It feels like everyone at the scene can only enjoy drinking. Of course, this is not forced. I don’t know about others, but generally we just say that we don’t force people to get drunk. What happens is bad.

Drink in moderation. Whether it is drunk or causing health problems, it is not a good thing. It is necessary to drink in moderation. After all, drinking is for short-term relaxation.

Can drinking more alcohol work out? This is a very interesting topic. There has never been a correct answer. On the one hand, it also depends on everyone’s physical condition. Some people will develop alcohol rashes or become red all over the body after drinking. Otherwise, they will pour after drinking. You are making him drink more. It seems to be difficult to exercise.

What about people who generally don't react too much to alcohol? Can you drink more to exercise? Another prerequisite for this is that you don't reject drinking, and you don't hate the taste of alcohol or the feeling of alcohol, so that there is room for improvement in the next step.

I’m not clear to others. Taking myself as an example, I don’t reject the taste of alcohol and can accept the feeling of drinking. I have drunk beer since I was very young. I started to drink occasionally after I was 18, and I really like to drink. When I was alone in China, whether I was drinking alone or with my friends, I still drank in moderation without excessive behavior. Later, it was a new stage in college and friends in the dormitory.

But on the whole, I should be considered good at drinking. Although I occasionally drink a few sips, I don’t think it’s exercised enough to drink. Hearing the word exercise, I need to continue to drink and increase the amount of alcohol to exercise. Meaning and effect. Otherwise, how can I exceed the limit of growth opportunities without exceeding the limit. This is also a place that makes me a little puzzled. Is it a skill developed by people who can drink by themselves, or is it really increased by drinking? capacity for liquor.

I believe that with age, the rate of metabolism will decrease, and the amount of alcohol will continue to decline. However, the fact that the amount of exercise is true or false is really interesting. After all, I actually think it should be feasible, otherwise how to continue to persuade others to drink Yeah, hahaha!

This is not to look at this issue from the perspective of rationality and science.


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