Korean Drama,The first season of Hospital Playlist is over. Review!

Most medical dramas filmed in any country have one thing in common, that is, there is a dark side, whether it is a fight between doctors and doctors or intrigue, and then there are power disputes in the hospital, otherwise it is the super doctor. Any operation will be successful. Generally speaking, I will not leave these directions. From the Japanese, Korean, and American dramas I have seen, it almost seems like this. To be honest, watching the content for a long time is a bit boring.

The hospital itself is a very unpleasant place. Almost no one wants to go to the hospital voluntarily. It is a place where you only need to enter when you are sick. It is also a place where life and death are the most common. For ordinary people, no one feels that going to the hospital is Good things, coupled with the atmosphere after entering, I just want to quickly escape from this place to catch my breath.

Therefore, adding the nature of the hospital to such unpleasant content is tantamount to darkening the mood. No matter how good the film is, I am very ugly to finish all the episodes. The Korean drama [Hospital Playlist] is a bit different, nothing at all. The battle for the power of the hospital's top management is a very harmonious authorization and cooperation.

Lee lk-joon (actor Cho Jung Seok), Ahn Jung-won (actor Yoo Yeon-seok), Kim Jun wan (actor Jung Kyung Ho), Yang Shuo-hyung (actor Kim Daming), Chae Song hwa (actor Tian Meidu), are the 5 main characters in the play, the story The content revolves around these 5 doctors and briefly describes them. They are companions who have been supporting each other from when they were students to becoming professors in different departments. Please watch this TV show for details.

Whether it’s during work hours or after get off work hours, as long as they have time, they will gather together to eat and have fun. They are also doctors so they can understand and tolerate each other, especially when there is an operation or a temporary emergency patient who needs to rush back to the hospital. I can only say that there are friends like this, people who understand and consider themselves, or work in the same industry in the same workplace environment. It is simply a dream thing, you can say it. Without thinking about it, it is almost impossible to exist in reality.

In addition to the part of the hospital, the content of the story has the affection and helplessness of patients, that is, the friendship between doctors and family members. It is hard to imagine that they are so familiar and understanding of friends' family members. I really envy them. No, I will practice the orchestra together every week. It is really cute and interesting to see their interaction, but their different personalities are integrated and tolerant in life.

When anything happens to everyone, everyone will show concern, even exaggeration, one after another, seamlessly connecting to condolences, otherwise they will be by their side to spend the most unhappy and depressed moments, feeling each other You can understand the mood of the other person with one eye and one movement. In reality, if you have such a friend, you should really cherish it, otherwise you can only see and jealousy in TV dramas.

Of course, they can’t ignore their seriousness and responsibility for the doctor’s profession. They are outstanding in their positions, and they also love their doctor’s work very much. If all doctors treat patients like this, no matter the final result, patients will feel I am very pleased. At least everyone has tried their best. The relationship between doctors and patients can also be shown very well in this Korean drama. It also allows everyone to be considerate of the doctors and nurses. They are also working hard for the patients. Take care.

According to rumors, there are three seasons of this Korean drama. At present, it is only the end of the first season. There are still a lot of plot content that has not been solved. You have to wait for the next release. The impatient may lose patience, haha! I really want to quickly see how it will develop in the future. At present, the next season of [Hospital Playlist] is expected to start shooting in November 2020, and the second season will be released in 2021. I can only look forward to and wait for it to come again to make this movie warm There is a special medical drama with friendship, family affection, joy and funny for the expecting audience to watch.


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