Korean Drama- It's Okay To Not Be Okay

Actually, I haven’t watched Korean dramas for a while, mainly because I didn’t have any themes and plot content that appealed to me. Generally, after reading the outline, I would decide whether to watch it or not. For me, many plots are a bit clichéd, at all I can't bring up my interest. It's better to watch Han Zong with this time, and smile.

When I accidentally saw this "It's Okay To Not Be Okay" on YouTube, the title of the show made me very interested. Maybe it is also because I have a feeling for psychological themes, and handsome guys. Beautiful women can watch it, so I found the first episode to watch it, and I was moved by it after watching it.

Whether it’s articles or film analysis, there are many people using various methods to analyze this TV series. I am not as professional as them. I only use my perspective to share my thoughts and feelings after watching this TV series. mood.

Whether it is the protagonist or the supporting role, this TV series has great acting skills. It is in place in some small details, and the facial expressions are also very rich and interesting. It is a collection of many elements, including family affection, love, and suspense. , Healing, laughter, fusion and interspersed together.

The heroine Gao Wenying (played by Xu Ruizhi), a fairy tale writer with anti-social personality, was controlled and threatened by her mother since she was a child, and cultivated her with a paranoid love, in order to create a perfect daughter she thinks, at any cost, In the process, Dad did not make any actions, only did one thing to tell fairy tales, and Gao Wenying also firmly remembered the only good thing. Perhaps this is why Gao Wenying wrote fairy tales.
Gao Wenying’s fear of her mother, and her indifference to her father have been extended from the past to the present. Parents have a great influence on children, and also formed her character. Why is she indifferent to others, only caring about herself, wanting You must get hands on the things you hate, and the things you hate will be destroyed. Thanks to the president of the publishing house, otherwise I really don’t know how she can survive.

The entanglement between Gao Wenying and Wen Gangtai (played by Jin Xiuxian) also started since she was a child. Gao Wenying rescued Wen Gangtai, and later fell in love with Gao Wenying, but was frightened and ran away. He did not expect to meet again when he grew up. The story behind.

Wen Gangtai has an autistic brother Wen Shangtai (played by Wu Zhengshi). Since childhood, his mother asked him to take care of his brother. He also said that he was born for his brother and everything was for his brother, so he told Wen Gangtai. It was Wen Gangtai. I can imagine how disappointed and sad he was in his heart. He couldn't get his mother's love. In fact, his mother loved him and didn't show it in front of him. I felt very sorry for him. This was only discovered and relieved when I thought about it later.

In fact, I personally think that Wen Gangtai is also a patient, but he concealed it well, put himself patiently and suppressed, and slowly let go of his heart later and found his original self.

Every time I see Wen Gang being pushed back by Gao Wenying, it feels very exciting and funny, Xu Ruizhi’s voice is really sensational, and the mid-bass voice line really makes people fall into it unconsciously. On the contrary, I feel very individual, not bad at all.

Although Wen Shangtai has autism, he is good at drawing and has a very good memory. When he is supposed to be stupid, he will pretend to be stupid. If you are serious, you really can’t beat him. He also made many changes for his younger brother. Wen Gang Tai supported each other to grow up, and it seemed that Wen Gang Tai was taking care of him. In fact, many times he was actually protecting his younger brother.

There are so many aspects of this film that can be analyzed. If you really want to analyze it, you should not be able to analyze it. Everyone has a part that can be explored. Fairy tales are also connected with the storyline as an auxiliary way to describe the plot content.

The psychological aspect is a very important content of this TV series. It is about the perspective of the parents, the heart of the child, the psychological appearance after growing up, and the process of getting along with each other. Some people don’t want to be like that, forming a kind of unhealthy The protective layer protects yourself and allows yourself to live in your own world, sometimes in order not to hurt others, but rather to hurt yourself.

How to understand tolerance and empathy is really a homework. What you can see on the surface will not be all, and even the expressions that can be performed. All are placed in the heart. Only when you understand can you have a chance to really understand each other It is a blessing to have someone around to support you.

When a strong person is lonely, it's just that you can't see it, let alone being strong on the surface, to cover up the weakness in the heart.

While watching handsome men and beautiful women, by the way, thinking about the psychological content of the plot is what moved me the most about this film, and it was also the place that made me empathize. Maybe it won’t take long for me to re-watch "It's Okay To Not Be Okay".


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