"Korean Variety Show" Coffee Friends-Value and Significance to Society!

Coffee is one of the beverages that modern people like to drink. You can basically see coffee shops in the streets and alleys. You can buy coffee in convenience stores in Taiwan. It's almost everywhere. It’s everywhere. A drink that is very close to the crowd, I usually only think about it as a refreshing drink. If it can bring people more beautiful food or meaning, it seems to be a good feeling.

This is the special place of the Korean Variety Coffee Friends program. It continues the charity activities of the previous two actors (Yo Yeon-seok and Sun Haojun). In 2018, they drove a coffee cart to share drinks and make purchases. The producers make their own bids, and finally donate all their operating income for charity, so that the public is familiar with and understand that donation is a simple matter, and this program is that the producers resonate with their original intention of doing this, and then think It must be made into a variety show for more people to see and understand.

All the celebrities who came to participate in the show were invited by Liu Yeongxi and Sun Haojun. They were all their good friends and seniors. When they heard that the meaning of the show was to do donation activities, they would arrange their personal itinerary to participate as much as possible. It’s really amazing to only participate in one day and try my best to help.

The scene was shot in a warehouse in an orange field in Jeju Island, South Korea. It was transformed into a coffee shop. During the filming period, it was also a period of abundance of oranges. It was surrounded by a slice of orange trees. The food also used oranges as materials, which can be applied. It combines well with the feeling of being together.

They also went to find Uncle Bai Zhongyuan to learn about the food to be made for brunch, and also learned how to make bread and coffee. Even Sun Haojun has the qualification certificate for manual drip coffee. They also learned for donation activities. The spirit is really great and worth learning.

Participants can find out on the Internet, some may know who they are, and some may not, but I don’t think these are the most important things. I will finish watching this show, and I will not watch star artists. It doesn't depend on how delicious they can cook the brunch meal (we can't eat it anyway), but mainly to feel their attitude and spirit towards doing this.

Charity donation activities are simple but not easy to say, difficult to say, but sometimes they need someone to start and push. Everyone is very eager to do charity if their ability permits, but they do. People don't know the way or don't have too many concepts, and this show donates all the operating income. To be honest, I think their cost far exceeds the operating income, but they still do it.

I think in addition to the business income they donate, their biggest idea is to let more people know and can promote everyone to do it together, and use their influence as a public figure to do more for this society in good ways. There is one thing that allows viewers who like them to have this concept. Regardless of whether there are donations or other charity activities, it is very meaningful, especially now that the social atmosphere is very strange, and it needs a little more. Positive energy, to make the whole society improve and progress.


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