My second-year teacher in high school still keeps in touch! Do you dare to believe it?

During the three years of high school, we changed three teachers, and each grade changed a class tutor. I didn't think it was very understandable. It was a bit strange back then. Isn't it a good thing to change too frequently? It didn’t take long to get acquainted with the style of the next teacher again, and then the teacher in the third grade of high school would be driven crazy by us. No one wanted to care about her, and could not care about any of us, especially remember that she was a favorite Teachers who communicate with parents.

When I entered the second grade of high school, I was the last person to be in the class. Something happened that caused me to report to the school almost 2 weeks after the start of school. The class tutor and I were on the phone, and the only thing I knew about my situation was By the way, the person who asked me for leave, the class tutor is also our biology teacher. She has just graduated from Fu Jen Catholic University. Our class seems to be the first class she brought. The age is not much different from ours, and it is not easy to have generation gaps. , Is also a teacher who is more able to make jokes, although she will still be seriously angry.

But also because of this, she can understand our thoughts and mentality at the time, and she is the best teacher for me. I still remember that my biology scores were the best at the time, if it weren’t for the photo biology scores, I couldn’t get what I wanted. University, I miss the biology-related departments. What a pity.

She is a teacher but a bit like a friend. I don’t know if other classmates feel this way, at least for me. It’s hard to imagine what would happen if she didn’t meet her in the second grade of high school. After all, there was a lot of pressure at that time, and the life was not particularly pleasant, and the attitude of the teacher would also affect the mentality of the students. Although other senior teachers or schools may have different opinions from me, what a good teacher thinks depends on the performance of the students’ final grades. Let's decide.

This teacher gave us our own decision and let us take responsibility. Originally, the grades and learning depend on the students themselves, and the grades are not the result, so my mentality has not collapsed at that time, otherwise the pressure of the school will be real. It's a bit out of breath.

Later, she was promoted to the third grade of high school. She did not come with us. Instead, she was transferred to take a new second grade class in high school. She felt very sorry, so we would also take the time to chat with the teacher during the break. This is also very Rarely, I will run back to find the previous teacher. In my impression, as long as I leave any class, I won't go back to see that teacher again. I wish I would never meet again.

After graduating from high school, he left contact information with the teacher, and the teacher almost decided to leave school, ready to go to the United States to study with her boyfriend at the time (now husband). Even so, we still keep in touch. Every year she goes back to Taiwan. Isn’t it amazing that there are still phone calls?

Later they stayed in the United States to live. One year I went to the United States for a few months. During that time, I went to Seattle to find a teacher. I met the teacher’s husband and two lovely daughters. I stayed at the teacher’s house for a few days. Our grade difference is not much, but we are still taken care of by the teacher a lot. We still meet abroad and talk about the past and the present. This feeling is really warm and interesting. They have not returned to Taiwan for many years. It's not like that, you might not see people.

Later I went back to Taiwan and didn’t contact me for a few years. The teacher is a person who rarely uses social software and spends most of his time taking care of his daughter, so it’s troublesome to contact each time. Haha, if I didn’t keep it. The teacher’s US phone number, I really thought the teacher was missing.

Although I haven’t contacted for a long time and didn’t say much, I chatted in the form of text messages. It was just a few short sentences. However, I still received encouragement and support from the teacher. I am very happy. Although the time of the teacher is not Long, but for me, he is a good teacher. I hope that their family will be well in the United States and have a chance to meet again instead of just calling.


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