The importance of health, even if you have a lot of money.

2020 is a special year. Many things have happened, not only in Taiwan but also in the whole world. It is a restless year for the whole world. No one imagined it and no one wanted it to happen. It just happened. Starting from the earliest COVID-19 and gradually spreading to all parts of the world, the world seems to be back to its original state. The global village or global integration seems to be beaten back to the original state at this time, although the network is very Being developed will not reduce everyone's communication and information flow, but it is like being locked in an invisible cage.

When will this cage break? Not sure, but the researchers and medical staff have really worked hard!

Human beings are very fragile. Many times we will forget about this and think that there is nothing we humans can’t do, but we are very fragile in front of nature and cannot fight against it. We are here. What can be done in it? It is to take good care of your own health, enhance your own resistance and immunity, and believe in the healing power of your body.

Many people will put the order of priority in reverse, putting money first, but health but don’t know which one to put in. Of course, there is no right or wrong. It is a matter of choice, especially some people cannot be blamed. This kind of thinking, in some situations, does need to do so to continue living, so they will temporarily put health behind them, only hope that they can spend a little time to make some changes, maybe the result is different.

Many people regret their original choice after they have gotten worse with their health, especially some wealthy people, who may have made a lot of money but cannot get their own health back. At this time, the value of money becomes very small. , It’s just a bunch of numbers. I often hear the words of those people who make so much money but lose their lives. The hard work is to make their life better, but the result is like this. If you lose your health, it doesn't make much sense to have more.

While working hard, health cannot be given up. The body is the capital of the revolution. Only with a healthy body can you have the capital to continue working hard. Start with the simplest things. Eat three meals at a fixed time a day and drink plenty of food. Water is a regular life routine. It is better to have a little exercise time. The time does not have to be very long. It is good to spend 10 minutes stretching. Give your body some breathing time, it will bring you a better state .

Although being young is a capital, it cannot be consumed endlessly. Being young only has better recovery, but it is not a panacea. To plan for the future, health requires long-term maintenance and persistence, allowing you to do more. To complete the dreamland you want to achieve, especially if you don’t know what the future will be. This is just the most basic. Don’t just talk about it, forget its importance after saying it, and put it in your mind. First overall.


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