When you have time to see more people you can meet, let's make an appointment with someone you can meet.

2020 is particularly uneasy. Star artists who appear on TV, as long as they can be on the news, are publicity for their popularity, but this year is a bit different. Many star artists’ news is scared and shocked no matter who sees it. Some news of death, whether it is Taiwan or neighboring countries, Japan and South Korea are also the same.

Either dying of illness or suicide, people can’t help but feel very scared. What happened this year? Everyone was depressed by COVID-19. As a result, only more unfortunate and unpleasant news happened. Adding boredom, I am not particularly familiar with these celebrities. The shock is that ordinary people will not receive attention when they pass away. Only relatives and friends know that the feelings seen in the news are completely different from those of sadness, and the depth will exceed imagination.

At the same time as this relationship rose, everyone began to feel and regret why they didn’t spend a little more time in contact, or did not meet after a long appointment. Every time the reason is that they are busy and have something to do, we will meet again next time, but Many people say that the next appointment will be a bit like a catch phrase. I really don’t know when the next time will be next time. It doesn’t matter when nothing happens. Once such a sad thing happens, I will regret that I said the appointment and didn’t. approximately.

Life is very impermanent. Human life also looks long but short. This shortness is that too many unknown things will happen. Maybe people are fine at this moment, but people will leave at the next moment. Whether it is accident or physical health, these They are all unpredictable, so we can only cherish every moment of meeting and gathering. People can meet each other is also a fate, and it is not easy to become friends.

When you think there is still time, but you don’t know that you may not have time. When you have time to meet people you can meet, let’s meet and chat with people you can make. Cherish the days when you get together. Don’t use too many excuses or reasons to delay. Maybe Because of this, you will miss the opportunity to meet again. The judgment of priorities needs to be re-established. What is important and what is missed will not be there. At least don't let yourself regret it.

I have a friend who has not seen each other for many years. For a long time, I only contacted by phone. When I wanted to call in a certain year, I only heard from his family members that he was gone. When were we talking about that? I was able to get together, but because he had no chance after the car accident, I didn't set foot in Taichung for many years and escaped to the city of Taichung, otherwise it would remind me of him.

Unless the relationship really fades, and the friendship or relationship between each other has passed, the people who should meet have time to meet more, and the more you can date


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