Why choose to buy Mi Smart Band 5? What is the reason?


Mi Smart Band 5

The Xiaomi Mi Band has reached the 5th generation so far. The function is better than the 1st generation I bought at the time. There was no screen at that time. There are only three bright spots to tell you if there is still battery power. It is very positive. You must rely on the Xiaomi sports app to see the function information of the gadget. It is particularly inconvenient. It is worn like a sports bracelet for general decoration. After wearing it for more than a year, I dislike it and find it very troublesome. The belt was broken once.

After the second generation came out, there was a display screen, but I was already lazy to buy and use it. I always felt that there was still such an inconvenience, especially when I wanted to rush to buy. Every time I went to the official website of Xiaomi, it was out of stock. If you don't look at it, anyway, there is no special function that needs to be used at that time, and I have been seeing the Mi Band to the 4th generation.

At this time, I started to have the idea of ​​wanting to buy a Xiaomi bracelet. I think its functions are relatively complete, the accuracy has also been improved a lot, the look is better than before, and the brightness in the sun has also improved, but it is Charging is still a bit troublesome. I have to remove the bracelet before charging. This is still a bit troublesome for me. Disassembly and assembly will affect the durability and tightness of the bracelet. It makes me very hesitant to buy it, but I drag it. Mi Band 5 will be available soon.

It’s very funny to think about it. It can be delayed for so long. In fact, it also represents a thing. I didn’t hesitate until I saw the specifications of Mi Band 5 released. Interest, the change of charging method, the use of magnetic charging does not need to remove the strap, the screen display is slightly larger, 11 sports modes, all-day sleep tracking, 14-day battery life mode (depending on the selected function Reduce the number of continuous flights), 50 meters depth waterproof (I don't swim!), heart rate pressure detection, female health (well, I am a male!).

Mi Smart Band 5

Mi Smart Band 5

My reason for buying Mi Band 5

For a long time, my heart rate was a little high. Every time I measured it, it exceeded the normal level. Although there was no major impact or problem, it was slightly exceeded. Many factors may cause it, such as not drinking enough water or living Irregularities and lack of exercise, but it always makes me mind a little bit, so measuring heart rate is what I need.

All-day sleep tracking is also one of the functions that I need. My sleep quality is very poor and it is easy to be awakened, otherwise I will suffer from insomnia and sleeplessness. It is a useful function for me to understand the general sleep status through this function. , Although the accuracy is not necessarily high, I probably understand what I need.

Pressure detection is a feature that interests me. Until now, I haven't understood how it feels my pressure value, but at least I can take a deep breath after seeing it.

The exercise function is relatively good, just let yourself be able to force the number of steps or time to walk every day, this part needs to be strengthened, if you are not paying attention, you will be lazy and not exercise.

Others are like time display. The weather forecast is convenient for my daily use habits. It is convenient to see the time on my wrist. Sometimes it is not convenient to take out the mobile phone from my pants pocket to check the time, which is very helpful.

The charging method is one of the biggest reasons why I finally bought Mi Band 5. It can be charged magnetically without removing the strap. It is a very constructive design method. The battery life of 14 days is understandable and I can accept it. It’s best if you don’t need to charge the battery too often. This is also one of the reasons why I choose the bracelet!

Mi Smart Band 5

There are only three things in the open box, one is the Mi Band 5 body, the charging cable and the manual. The bracelet does not need to be put in the strap by itself, it can be used directly, which is very simple.

Mi Smart Band 5

Mi Smart Band 5

The length of the charging cable can be longer. As long as the charging cable is close to the charging port on the back of the bracelet, it will be adsorbed. It is very convenient. Don't worry about correcting the charging position. The back is the place for sensing and detection, the closer to the skin. The higher the more accurate.

Mi Smart Band 5

Mi Smart Band 5

The Mi Band is a consumable. Its service life is about 1~2 years. Of course, it may be used for a longer period of time. Compared with other smart watches, its price has a great advantage with fewer functions, such as The bracelet will not have GPS function, of course you don’t need to choose a bracelet if you need GPS function.

Simply put, you can choose according to your own needs. It makes sense if you really need the functions. Otherwise, it is a waste to buy and not use. Don't buy it when you see that the specifications are written very beautifully, but think about the appropriateness. You can start with the bracelet before you don't suit you or want a smart watch. Maybe you don't wear it after wearing it for a while? It won't cost too much. Pick the good ones and not the expensive ones!

When the Bluetooth is turned on, the connection between the Mi Band and Mi Sports App is very fast and convenient. The operation is very simple and direct. Basically, there are not too many usage problems, and it is not complicated enough to make you headache. The richness of the dial is better than It used to be a lot more, because I was so lazy to change, the watch face is enough for me now, but many people will like to change the watch face after a while, you can choose slowly, or even change to China to download more Dial.


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