Why do we need barbecue during the Mid-Autumn Festival? In fact, it is just an opportunity for reunion.

Every year at the Mid-Autumn Festival, the first thing everyone thinks of should be barbecue, not mooncakes or grapefruit. Especially young people are thinking about barbecues. They don’t care about mooncakes or grapefruits, they only care if there is barbecue. The activity, without barbecue, I feel that the Mid-Autumn Festival has not been passed, it is a fake Mid-Autumn Festival, and I feel very depressed.

Why do we need barbecue during the Mid-Autumn Festival? Many people don’t know the answer to this question, and it’s a question that may come across every year, but few people really go into the cause. Just like I only have an advertisement concept, a barbecue sauce advertisement for a barbecue. After so many years, it is still memorable and hard to forget, but is it because of this reason?

I think there is no need to look for the real reason. How can I not know if I know it? It is not a bad thing to add an activity to the Mid-Autumn Festival, and it can also make people impressed with the festival. Otherwise, the concept of the festival is getting weaker and weaker nowadays. It only depends on whether there is a holiday or how many days. You can rest during holidays. How many people look up at the moon?

Having the title of barbecue at least gives this holiday an opportunity to reunite with their families. Nowadays, people don’t always live near their families. Some people live in other cities or even other countries and go home to meet their relatives. There are really not many opportunities for me. Even in the current social environment, everyone is used to and adapted to it, but it has also widened the distance between the heart and the heart, especially the elders always want to see their younger generations on festivals.

The title of barbecue is very attractive, and it’s good to meet up with it. Otherwise, everyone has a lot of excuses. In fact, most of them don’t take it seriously, whether it’s lazy or just taking care of their own affairs, not I really can’t do it. I talked to an elder this year. He said that there are not many holidays that can take long holidays each year. There are only a few big holidays. Usually everyone is busy with their own things, or they have their own affairs and family needs. Take care, if you can go home and have a look, no matter how long you stay, it will be good. There is no need to ask too much. It sounds free and easy, but in fact it is quite helpless, and people are very contradictory.

In addition to barbecuing with friends, go home and have a look when you have time. Family talent is the most important thing. Even if there are family members who are not right with you, go back and have a look. There are always other good things.


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