Korean Drama -‘’The School Nurse Files‘’, Netflix original series.


The Korean drama The School Nurse Files, which will be released on Netflix on 9/25/2020, is a Netflix original series, with a total of six episodes. It is an inexplicable TV series. It is not a fantasy drama, nor is it an exorcism drama. Horror is another way of expressing the ghosts and ghosts that ordinary people imagine. They have all turned into jelly. It may be that desire is a ghost or an emotion. At least sometimes I can't tell what that jelly is. Can that jelly be eaten? What kind of taste does it taste?

An Eun Young (played by Jung Yu Mi) is a high school health room teacher. Since she was a child, she had a talent to see jelly (ghost) that others can't see. When she grew up, she discovered how to use her ability to break up the jelly. A toy sword and a toy gun are her weapons, as well as time limit and ammunition restrictions. It seems to be playing a game to fight monsters and break levels. The style of painting has a comic and cute feel. After all, it appears that way. The jelly does not make people too scared and scared.

Hong Inpyo (played by Nam Joo Hyuk) is the grandson of the founder of this high school. After his grandfather passed away, he came to the school as a Chinese teacher. He was basically the heir of the school. He used to be an athlete and suffered a foot injury after an accident. His feet were limping and limping because of his low hands. He started a series of things. He had a protective cover on his body, and the jelly could not approach it. There was also a function that could help the heroine to recharge and increase the ability. He was lucky. people.

He is a very kind person, so he accepted An Enying's talents and skills, so he believed in and assisted An Enying to protect the students and the school.

Since solving the school’s supernatural incident for the first time, the heroine has discovered the charger function. The heroine consumes too much power in addition to going to the temple or the love lock to charge, she is holding the hero’s hand to charge anytime and anywhere. , Is there really no feelings for holding hands like this? I really don't believe it.

The picture is really not scary at all. Even if the jelly is solved, a bunch of hearty and colorful jelly will explode. Why the heroine will take the toy sword and toy gun? There will be an explanation in it. The classmate has a relationship, and he is also a male classmate who can understand and support the heroine.

Even for the heroine in the end, in order to let her fulfill her wish, being an ordinary person, living an ordinary life, took away the heroine's talents and skills, so the heroine was once incapacitated and resigned. After working in the school’s health room, they found out the truth about the school’s affairs. They were caught in the safety of happiness and sterilized by the sun. They returned to school with the hero in order to solve everything.

I believe that someone should watch the first episode and will not watch it. In fact, I was hesitant to watch it. If it had only six episodes, I might give up. The way of expression is very novel and a little black and humorous, but it’s not for me. The feeling of some characters in the middle of the scene is very fast, there is a kind of explanation but not clean feeling, which makes me feel very annoying.

However, there are still very kind people who express the protagonist’s inner thoughts, the struggles of the psychological world and the helpless compromise with reality. If you are interested in special themes and expressions, you can go and see if it suits you. Know if there will be a next season.

I still don’t know what these ducks are? Is speechless? Many school scenes will have their shots.


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