Memories of orthodontics wearing braces. It is becoming more and more popular now!

In order not to reveal my age, I can only say that this story has passed N years. In fact, it is not clear how long it has passed, and I don’t want to remember it. It was a recent visit to orthodontic dentistry that reminded me of the past. I can’t even pretend to forget in the past days, because now I have to wear a movable retainer again, my God! Damn memories resurfaced.

In the past, there were not too many people doing orthodontics compared to now. Most of the teeth were very long, which affected the bite. The proportion of aesthetics was not so high. They were still health-oriented, at least in my memory. This is the case, and there is also this budget. At that time, if you really want to spend this cost to correct your teeth, you must make a lot of determination, because it is not cheap. Of course, the cost may be more expensive now.

At the beginning, my family made a decision to let me straighten my teeth. It should be when I was in middle school. I didn’t have any objection, so I was wearing braces. At that time, I was convinced by my family and really did it. Everything starts after the braces. Just check the condition of the teeth and tidy up the teeth and go to the hospital several times, not to mention that after the braces are really put on, I basically go for checkups every two weeks or so. I go to the hospital very often, and I go to the hospital every week if I add my teeth.

Moreover, braces can not be done at one time, the upper and lower teeth are done at one time, the upper teeth are done at one time, the lower teeth are done at the same time, and now I think why not at one time, and then I will know why after finishing the lower teeth. Painful, unable to eat at all, people are very uncomfortable, like being beaten several times, can only drink liquid food, biting something is completely unnecessary, can not move the mouth without moving the mouth, it is almost a week later in memory Return to a normal diet.

Then I had to prepare for the upper row of teeth not long after recovery, and I had to have this feeling again. When I was in middle school, I really felt sad enough. Why did I have to go through this kind of thing, and then the person who straightened the teeth was not special? Many, I would be teased when I went to school, and I was in a bad mood. I wanted to say that it was not what I wanted. At that time, I hated doing braces, so I had to be careful not to open my mouth and show my teeth outside. People are very unhappy when they watch and talk.

Fortunately, it’s not a long time to wear braces. It's probably only a year and a half or less than two years. The condition is not very serious, but the time is much shorter. The time for wearing braces depends on the condition of your teeth and the actual wearing. The correction state after going up is related. Some people wear it for many years, and the day it was taken off is really not good. The suffering is finally over. You can laugh naturally without wearing braces.

Of course, it’s really over if there isn’t. I still put a fixed retainer and made a movable retainer. They need to be used for a long time so that the teeth won’t go out of place. After many years, I found the original one to help me. The doctor who is an orthodontist joked to him that it was not what I wanted to do back then, and it was very annoying, and he read it out, haha.

Although I did hate it before, I actually let it go. I still want to thank my family for willing to spend the money to allow me to do orthodontics, so that my occlusion and aesthetics are good. People are paying attention and making fun of things, but now many people are doing teeth correction. In the past, they were correcting teeth when they were young. Now the age group is relatively high. It seems to be popular, and everyone is more health-conscious. Tooth correction is also related to bite cleanliness.

It can only be said that my family is quite far-sighted and asked me to do orthodontics so early, but my suggestion is to straighten teeth when they are young, and help them with mental construction and encouragement. After all, children at that age The school doesn't know what will happen, that age group is still very naive, and what you say is easy to hurt people. In addition to the improvement of teeth, the mental state must be protected.


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