In order to eat safe and healthy vegetables, organic farmers are really tiring.

It’s really not easy to be an organic farmer. Except for your own farmland, you can’t use any drugs. It’s best not to use any other farmland next to it, otherwise it may be affected and polluted, but this is difficult to prevent and solve. You can't restrict others from doing anything in your own farmland, after all, everyone has different ideas.

Even under such circumstances, it’s not easy to take care of one’s own small piece of farmland. Other external factors are aside, and only oneself is concerned, and a bunch of things are done. Thinking of it will make most people give up. If you don’t do it, the first worry is the seasons. It is cold in winter and hot in summer. In fact, you can work in the farmland depending on the weather. This will also limit the working time, basically in the morning and evening.

The second is to understand the planting time. Each vegetable season is different, and the planting method will be slightly different. Not every vegetable is planted in the same way. I never remember what seasons are abundant. The crops depend on what to eat. It seems that I am totally unfit to be a farmer.

The third is weeding. This is really exhausting. Because no pesticides are used, not only many insects, but also a lot of grass grows. These grasses must be cleaned up by themselves, otherwise it will affect the growth of crops. No herbicides are used. Under the circumstances, the grass grows very fast and a lot, and it takes a lot of time to clean up, which is a war.

In order to eat a safe and healthy crop, it takes a lot of effort and a high sense of accomplishment in the harvest. The taste and psychology of eating will be very satisfying. The premise is that you can survive the hard time in the early stage and don’t feel it when you eat. What's the matter? It's another matter when you actually go to the scene to see it. You need to eat it up.

The result of an occasional mistake is to eat the same crop for 3 consecutive months. It grows so well that it grows too much. It can't even be eaten as a gift. It is estimated that I have tried all the ways to cook it. Seeing that their chopsticks are jumping. I thought that something happened after I didn't catch it, and I was shocked if I didn't ask, but I didn't want to eat anymore.

This is not to be compared with professional people, nor is it to sell. It is purely a realistic version of Happy Farm (in fact, it is not so happy). Even such a small amount of planting is so hard. You can imagine how different professional farmers are. Easy, but now too much food is wasted, and a habit and awareness has not been formed. No matter how much it is planted, it is useless. It is unable to keep up with the rate of wasting.


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