Food in NewTaipei City,Sanchong,Da taibei zhu chang dong fen, add pork balls and full of Taiwanese spicy kimchi.


I was watching a YouTube video one day,
The main theme is to introduce the big pork bone soup at chong xin bridge Tourist Market,
I usually don’t read the following online messages,
I just read a few comments down that day,
One of them said that they would come to eat pork intestine dong fen,
It arouses my curiosity.

The next action is to open Google search,
This Da taibei zhu chang dong fen specialty store is the closest,
There are many comments and introductions,
That should be the this pork intestine dong fen.

Its location is not particularly convenient,
Basically not driving or riding a motorcycle,
May not even want to come,
It looks like local food,
There are more customers in this area.

On the right side of the door is a line of people who need take-out services.
For internal use, go directly into the store from the left and find a seat.
Don’t go to the queue foolishly,
But there are a lot of people during meal time,
Still need to wait for a place,
The turnover rate is quite high,
You shouldn't have to wait too long.

I never saw them stop,
Keep putting it in the bowl and keep packing,
The environment is like an ordinary street shop,
Don’t be too demanding,
Fairly clean,
The room is sultry and hot,
This is a disadvantage.

When you find a place to sit down,
A clerk will soon come and ask what to order,
Will you ask if you add pork balls?

Pig Intestine dong fen NT$60,
Pig Intestine dong fen + pork ball (two pieces) NT$70,
It depends on your mood on the day if you want to give the pork balls,
That day I was in a good mood and added pork balls.

You have to pay when you get the meal!
Can understand. They are too busy.

The soup is very clear, without any fishy smell,
There are seasonings below,
Stir before eating,
The pig intestines are cut very long,
I haven’t seen a pig intestine cut so long,
It’s cleaned inside,
Without any bad taste,
Chewy taste,
But it won’t be swallowed like chewing gum,
Cooked just right,
It was beyond my expectation.

Pork balls also tastes good,
It has a meaty smell and is elastic,
It is a good pork ball.

Spicy kimchi (dried cabbage) that you will see in traditional noodle shops,
Personally, it’s not spicy at all,
The color is very white,
It doesn’t taste very good when eaten alone.
Add it to the soup and eat it barely.

I eat purely for the idea of supplementing vegetables,
Otherwise, stop eating,
But I saw a lot of people eating it.

The pig intestines dong fen suits my taste,
Light without bad taste,
But he won’t run to eat,
You can eat it when you are nearby or passing by.

This bowl looks like a big bowl,
I’m probably eighth full after eating,
Can eat other foods.

Sanchong,Da taibei zhu chang dong fen


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