Life in Taipei,Nanjing Sanmin-Dong fang liuli traditional restoration, the whole body aches after restoration.


For ordinary people, I feel a little scared when I hear about chiropractic, so I feel a lot calmer. I don’t dare to say that the experience is rich, but the number of times I have done it is quite a lot. Department of Chinese Medicine, so there are some roommates from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan in the dormitory. Some of them are studying Chinese Medicine. One of them is a highly skilled friend, so sometimes he helps me correct my body.

Some physical discomforts are caused by incorrect posture and bone dislocation. Therefore, it depends on what is being done. If it is a cold or something, it is better to see a doctor. However, most people's posture will be a bit incorrect, but it depends on the seriousness. Seriously, when you feel that there is already an influencing state, and you are obviously uncomfortable, then go find a qualified chiropractor, so that your dislocated bone can return to the correct position.

In Taiwan, I only had partial chiropractic when I went to a Chinese medicine clinic. The Chinese medicine doctor was also very busy and couldn’t have time to do all of it. Generally, I would take care of that position if you feel uncomfortable. Then I thought about it, I'm not sure if this can solve my problem this time.

I searched for chiropractors in Taipei, and found that this oriental colored glaze is traditionally restored. Whether it is well-known or well received, I wanted to go and have a look. I don’t know much about their process before going. You can make an appointment first. Or queuing at the scene. On weekdays, there will be no waiting too long. Those who are not familiar with the process can also observe how they operate on the spot. The basic process is also posted on the wall with the license of each of them. .

The basic process of queuing at the scene is to sign first, wait for the name of the master, go up and get down on the bed, wait for the first stage of the restoration, and ask you where you are uncomfortable, and their strength will be controlled the first time you visit, etc. After that, I will increase my strength. After this, I will get a number plate and wait for the second stage of treatment (mainly the shoulders, neck and back). After the end, I will pay NT$300 by myself.

It's that simple. People who see their movements for the first time should be shocked. The range and speed of their movements are very fast. It takes about 30 minutes for the restoration. It is a whole-body restoration. It feels like Western chiropractic, Chinese style. Some chiropractic will be softer and not scary, but they are all effective, but the methods and techniques are different.

This is also the first time I have done a full-body restoration. After returning home, my whole body is sore and weak. When the bones are reset, the fascia and muscles next to them will also recover. At this time, the lactic acid toxins that were originally tight and accumulated in it will also be released. Come out, it depends on the individual's recovery ability. After returning home, add more water and rest, and maintain the correct posture. Otherwise, it is easy to run away after adjusting.


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