There is no answer but there is no right or wrong for the collision of age and different thinking.

Different ages are equal to different ages, which means that there are not many differences in thinking. There are many gaps in concepts and ideas. This gap is not easy to run together unless they can look at each other calmly. If there is a problem with listening, it will only cause friction and collision, and I believe that this is not what everyone likes to see.

I think that age does seem to have an advantage from a certain angle, and there is more experience, but it should not be too absolute and dictatorship. It will only cause confrontation and conflict with each other. It does not make much sense. After all, all you want to tell are close. For people and good friends, in order for these differences to affect the relationship that are unnecessary actions and injuries, everything must be carried out on the premise of calm communication.

The times are advancing, society is advancing, visions are changing, and ideas will also change. Today's new things are changing rapidly, especially in science and technology almost every day. No one can solve all problems with a set of models and methods. If you can’t keep up or upgrade together, it’s easy to create distance. Fortunately, as long as you have a network, you can solve many problems.

Chatting with an aunt one day was an aunt who watched me grow up, so I just chatted casually on many topics without stress and pressure. I also brought up some of my personal thoughts. Not surprisingly, there were still different opinions. This result will not be too much, especially for people of the same age as my dad. Their thinking and thinking will not be too different, but some of the problems that are happening now are a bit unimaginable and acceptable to them.

For example, the concept of happiness or happiness is different. This era is different from the past, and the living environment is also different. Of course, it is difficult to compare life better than in the past. It is not fair to people now, indeed now Living conditions are better than in the past, and they will take it for granted that you should feel very happy, and there are so many problems.

If you follow this theory, then depression shouldn't happen, right? It’s because everyone’s concern for the mental outlook has increased, and they discovered that health is not only related to the body, but also has a lot to do with the mind. Psychology affects the body and mind. So many people are doing unhappy things when they are unhappy. , Limited and bound by many factors, there is no way to be happy, why can't you pursue happiness?

During the chat, I only tried my best to express my thoughts, but did not really want to convince the other party. This act of trying to change the other party is not necessary. Of course, I will not be affected too much by the other party. It’s just that each other’s ideas are different. Among them, you think it might be helpful to you. At this time, you will naturally accept it. Otherwise, it will be useless to force you. So it is not to fight for right or wrong, but to win each other, but to exchange opinions.

Don't be afraid to communicate with people of different ages. Only when there is communication will there be progress and understand each other better. This is also a way to care about and understand each other, not only on the surface, but to truly understand the truth in private.


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