The mood of travel is related to the people traveling with you.

The first sentence at the beginning, to have a good trip, you must carefully choose a good partner together. A trip can see a lot of things that you don’t normally see. If you don’t want to lose friends, don’t travel together, even if you get along well. , How good the relationship is, maybe a trip will change a lot of thoughts. It is such a terrible thing. Traveling should find like-minded friends. Don't invite people to travel together.

Of course, it’s not easy to say it, and it’s not easy to do it. You won’t find any problems before you travel for the first time. You can only guess that it’s a suitable travel companion. Later, it’s a bit like a lottery to see luck. Food, clothing, housing, travel, booking air tickets and lodging before departure, planning the itinerary and food to eat at the following attractions, as well as the local transportation, each part may have differences.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter whether it’s been discussed before departure or it doesn’t matter. At this time, humility is the most terrifying thing, especially when discussing the content of the itinerary and saying that it’s okay. It’s up to someone to be responsible. The destination was wondering why I stayed in this hotel, or why I went to this kind of attraction, and the food was not delicious. There were still a lot of people who complained and complained when they arrived at the scene, and asked them their opinions or asked them to Arrange the trip and say no.

If you encounter this kind of complaining travel companion, the whole trip will basically not be too happy and will be enveloped in a very dull atmosphere. After all, the person who decides the itinerary is already very difficult, and he arranges the itinerary that he wants to go. It's normal. I personally think that these are things that need to be understood, instead of saying everything beforehand and saying nothing afterwards.

I still remember one year with a group of people I have known for many years. I went to Manila in the Philippines to communicate in English. Most of my fellow partners could not speak English, so I could only rely on 2~3 people to find restaurants or Calling a car, if you have been there, you will know that the local traffic is very congested, and there are often traffic jams, especially during commuting hours, so the waiting time will be extended, even if you call a car, you will wait for a while Time, but at this time, you will hear a partner complaining about why the car hasn’t come, why you call this kind of car? At this time, you will feel very upset. If you have the ability, you can ask for a car yourself.

When eating, I also help to simply translate what the menu is. If the order is different from what he imagined, I am also complaining about why it is not the food he wants. This kind of person is the most troublesome. It seems to be very talking, what All are acceptable, but in fact they are thinking about everything from beginning to end, and they will not thank the person who helped him solve the problem. This kind of travel companion is a bad travel companion and cannot choose to travel together.

Traveling will reveal many details. It is a character that is not usually seen. Of course, many of them are the same as the original. That is a good thing. Otherwise, it is a pity that friends for many years will be split after a trip. Hearing similar things happened makes it seem easier for me to travel, do what I want to do, where I want to go, don't worry about the mood of other people, but traveling with multiple people still has different feelings and will not be so lonely.

If you have a partner who can travel together, you should seize it and cherish it. It is not something you can meet randomly, which means you are very destined.


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