There is no option not to wear the retainer made after orthodontics. Wear it well!

Since I straightened my teeth many years ago, I never want to step into orthodontic dentistry anymore. Who knows who straightened my teeth? It’s really not an easy task. At that time, the doctor made a fixed retainer in it. There are movable retainers in the front teeth of the row, but the movable retainers have been put away in the impression and I haven’t worn them much. Thinking that there is a fixed retainer inside. It is enough to escape and straighten the teeth. Anything related.

As everyone knows, everything is just the beginning, and it has something to do with the last memory of the year. After all, the teeth have been really corrected for a long time. I always remember that if the fixed retainer inside fell out, it would fall out. No need to wear it again. It’s wrong. If it falls, you have to go back to the doctor and stick it back quickly, otherwise the position of the tooth will run away. I didn’t stick it back immediately after it fell. As a result, it didn’t stick back to the original position. The position is a bit gone.

This is a wrong demonstration. If you don't want to waste your previous efforts to straighten your teeth, just wear the retainer. Later, I asked the doctor to understand that this is a lifetime thing. Is it because I colluded my memory to escape reality? It was too young to forget that even the movable maintainer made at the time was accidentally thrown away while tidying the cabinets in the room.

Later, I got back to the doctor who helped me straighten my teeth. He said that if you don’t mind the degree of crookedness, it’s okay. If you don’t wear a retainer, you’ll be crooked a bit, otherwise it’s re-rectification, but he said that it’s not necessary. , Finally, if you say otherwise, make the following movable maintainer so that it can maintain its current state and no more changes.

I have never known that the position of the teeth will always move and change, and I feel that the position of the teeth is where the position is. The easiest to move is the lower row. The upper row of teeth has a higher stability. Now I have made a lower row of movable retainers. I have to wear it every night when I go to bed, but I can’t wear it again. The first few days I just put it on, I will feel uncomfortable. I will feel like going back to the past to correct my teeth. It will be a little sore when being pulled. When it hurts, you have to get used to it. I heard that you will feel this way again if you don't wear it for a few days.

The movable maintainer can be used for a long time. It usually needs to be maintained and cleaned. When you get up and take it off, rinse it with clean water and gently brush it with a toothbrush. This is a simple cleaning. Regular cleaning and sterilization should be done every week. The doctor said to use denture cleaning tablets to clean, otherwise there will be plaque or other bacteria on it, otherwise it will become a petri dish of bacteria. Wearing it every day may even cause teeth. Broken.

I really didn’t expect to use denture cleaning tablets one day. Later, when I was looking for cleaning tablets, I found out that there was a special oral protector cleaning tablet, so I bought it. It’s better than letting people misunderstand the word dentures. Well, it can sterilize by 99.9%. You don't need to move it as long as it is placed. It can be effectively cleaned after being placed for more than 15 minutes. Now get along with the maintainer!

By the way, the other reason I would like to use a maintainer later is that I asked the doctor if it would help the molars during sleep. The doctor said that it might be relieved but it also depends on other factors. Then I hope to improve the bite during sleep. Deciding to wear a retainer, of course, is also important to keep the teeth from moving.


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