Try to meditate for the first time.

I started to try meditation on my own without having experienced formal class study or any teaching. I had no special concept of posture. I just remembered to visit a relative of a monk who was a monk at Zhongtai Temple and taught us how to meditate. I only kept this memory from sitting cross-legged to the last double cross-legged sitting. I didn’t mention much about the actual meditation. It’s a pity to think about it now. I would have asked a few more questions if I knew it. Who would have thought that I suddenly thought about it now. Meditated.

The posture of meditation is not particularly difficult for me. It is still soft. For most people, cross-legged legs can be done relatively easily. However, due to the growth of some flesh, there is no place to put it. It looked so perfect before, it's really resentful, I still have to lose a little fat.

Why do you suddenly want to meditate? What are your thoughts and goals for meditation? This should be a question that I would think about before I meditate. It seems unlikely that I would meditate without an idea or purpose. Therefore, I didn’t want to do it suddenly, but after considering whether to do it or not. Can help me, the answer is if there is a chance to improve or become better, why not try it, after all, it does not hurt.

With this idea, my sleep quality is getting worse and worse, resulting in a poor mental state. Of course, it has something to do with my own psychological instability. The pressure on myself is relatively great, whether it is external or internal, it may I can't bear it, even if I don't care anymore, I'm all reflected in other places, I want to calm my mind and stabilize my mental state by meditating.

It’s not easy to meditate for the first time. The posture is not the most difficult. It’s okay if you don’t cross your legs. You can do it in the easiest way. Slowly there will always be progress. The most difficult thing is how to jump casually. You can throw away the thoughts or thoughts that come out, and return to an empty state, anytime and anywhere you don’t know where you are going, and don’t let your thoughts get confused.

I have struggled with it the previous few times. When my thoughts are going to be far away, I pull it back and let it go. Starting from 5 minutes, I have to be familiar with the posture at the beginning. Don’t think about meditating for a long time. For easy things, you gradually become familiar with the posture, and then breathe. You don't have to control your breathing, just breathe normally, feel the rhythm of breathing and the air coming in and out, and you can calm down by listening to your breath.

I didn’t set a big goal. I just wanted to complete it step by step. From 5 minutes to 10 minutes, I slowly increased the time. I didn’t force myself to enter the state immediately. I simply completed the posture and habit of meditation first. I don’t insist on seeing the effect right away. I don’t have any thoughts like this, and there’s no special state like some people would imagine. I just want to take meditation. Simplification can make me know myself more and believe in my own way.

At present, I want to improve my sleep style, so I meditate before going to bed every day and go to bed. It seems that I sleep a little better. In addition, I meditate after getting up. It is good to get used to meditating twice a day. The mental state is better, but this is not forced, everything is natural. Some people say that it can improve physical health or lose weight. These are not special considerations. If there is, treat it as an unexpected gain.


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