When it rains, it will mold if it is wet, but will people also get mold?

Many cities and villages in Taiwan have encountered the problem of water shortage, but no typhoon came in this year. This is a good thing and a bad thing. The amount of rainfall it brings is a bit insufficient. The changes in global weather are really too drastic and unstable, and historical The records are very different. Among them, there is a very different city, which has more rainfall than in the past, which is Taipei.

It’s raining in Taipei this year, and you have to doubt your life. Seeing the weather forecast map, there is only Taipei where it does not rain. It is also very dumbfounding. I hope I can distribute the excess rainfall to those places that lack water. Rain naturally has a problem, that is, it is wet, and it can be balanced slightly when there is sun. Continuous rain does not have this buffer time, and the airtight and unventilated space is even more obvious.

Stepping into the stairwell without windows, it feels uncomfortable to be surrounded by something unknown. The environment is very moist and the air is dull. I just want to escape from the stairwell, hurry to a ventilated place and breathe fresh air. , Without being suffocated, even with bright lighting, it can’t alleviate its depressive atmosphere. There is a kind of hand reaching out for help but can’t break through this bubble, and is slowly pulled back.

Objects are moldy, walls will mold, and food will mold, so you need to use a dehumidifier to extract the excess water and evaporate it to give them a comfortable and comfortable environment. It will not be eroded and damaged by mold. Mold is like It’s like slow poisoning. It’s slowly being occupied and eroded by molds. It is destroyed from the inside to the outside or from the outside to the inside. Although some can be remedied, some can only abandon it, even if it is a pity. It doesn't help, I can only regret not doing the best care at the beginning.

Will that person also get moldy? What should I do if it becomes moldy? It’s still being slowly eroded step by step, and when it’s touched one day, it collapses in all directions. Other things can be seen if they become moldy, but where can people see if they become moldy, and where to solve them, people take too much water. People will suffer from water poisoning. Are those bad emotions and pressures like water that make people moldy and chronically poisoned? Is there a dehumidifier that can help people get rid of dampness, so that the heart that is covered and unable to breathe can be liberated? Let those who are trapped in the psychological swamp, surrounded by sticky and moist and unable to escape can escape.

He also needs to breathe fresh air, he needs ventilation, and he needs to find a comfortable environment to survive!


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