Words are an outlet for venting!

There are many ways to express emotions. Everyone uses them differently, and the suitable ways are different. How to find a way that suits you is a long process. It takes a period of groping, only if you are a baby or someone who cannot speak. Only at that age can we simply use crying and making noise to attract the attention of adults, so to express emotions or release unpleasantness, but this is only limited to that time, and it seems to be getting more and more difficult when we grow up.

Especially boys, I’ve heard one sentence since I was a kid, "You’re a boy and you’re a man, you can’t just cry easily. Of course, some people will say that there’s another sentence called "Just because I’m not sad yet". Not reasonable, what is sad? An invisible shackle is placed on the boy. Under the seemingly strong appearance, no one knows how painful and struggling the heart is. After all, even familiar people may not be able to understand the depths of a person’s heart unless the person concerned is willing to say Export, but too difficult too difficult.

In this society, the defensiveness between people is great, and they are still very enthusiastic to help others, but it is really not easy to have a close and caring friend, and there must be someone who can say nothing. Friends, really are very lucky. You should treat them as treasures, more like passing by, and will only pass through your life briefly without staying.

Some people can vent by utterance after sorting them out, some use sports to vent, some use words to vent, some use bad ways to vent, no matter what method is good without hurting themselves and others Psychological emotion is a very complicated emotion. Even the same method may not be suitable for everyone. You can only find a suitable method by yourself. If one fails, change the other one. You must give up catharsis and be bored in your heart.

What is your catharsis? At present, words are my way of venting. Whether it is emotions or things that cannot be spoken, emotional stories that no one can listen to, or who do not understand expression and face, there is an invisible wall blocking the front, which can break through. On the wall is the text, let me write as much as I want without interference. I don’t know the effect, but at least it can relax my mood for a short time. During the time and space of writing the text, I will not be external. Interference, don't care about others' perspectives, be a true yourself.


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