American Drama,Helstorm, a series of horror heroes and darkness.


I recently finished watching the American drama Helstorm, which was released in October. At first, I was attracted by the poster. This feeling is a bit mysterious and dark. I can watch it occasionally when I want to torture myself. Come to see the introduction of the movie. , Originally it was a collaboration between Marvel and Hulu, but later the details are not clear. If you are interested in understanding it, please check it online.

My requirement for it is just whether it can meet my expectations. Others are not in the scope of my consideration, but if it weren’t for the introduction that was originally related to Marvel, then many factors didn’t get the name of Marvel, leaving these aside. It may not necessarily be felt that it is a Marvel series, unless someone who knows Marvel very well, otherwise it should be unclear to people like me who just clicked it randomly.

The heroes and heroines have unique abilities, inherited from their fathers. The whole story is about a relationship with demons and beliefs that seem to be useless. The naive nun did a lot of things that I couldn't understand, and finally broke her beliefs completely. In fact, the relationship between the characters is a bit complicated. It does not refer to the relationship between the main characters, but the relationship and connection between the demons and the main villains. I don’t understand at all. The descriptions here are not very detailed, they are all very fast. skip.

After watching all 10 episodes of the first season, I only had one thought after watching it. What am I doing? The family relationship in the description is very obvious. From having a heart to each other to helping each other later, I found their brother-sister relationship. The main axis of the story makes me feel a little weird. Maybe I don’t understand enough, but I I don't want to watch it again.

Personally, if I don’t know what to watch, or if I’m interested in this type of album, I don’t need to watch it. It’s a waste of time. I don’t know if there will be a next season. There is a high possibility that it will not.


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