First experience of smart parking in Tainan.

Taipei has smart parking,
But I haven’t used it,
I don’t even know the location of the smart car pillar trial.
It has not been popularized yet.

This time I went to Tainan to experience smart parking.
I was a little confused at first,
Stop in when you see a parking space.
Otherwise, it's really hard to find parking spaces near Anping Old Street.

Until you park the car and look at the parking pillar,
I realized that it was smart parking.
It's really bad.

I looked around,
Looking at the parking compartment,
To understand how it works.

There are two parking pillars at the front and rear of the vehicle,
There is a camera on it that can capture the license plate,
To record the vehicle number and time,
No need to enter any information yourself,
Just click on checkout to pay when you leave.

The LCD panel does not display very clearly under the sun,
Will be a little reflective, which is a small drawback,
There are several ways to pay,
You can use the leisure card, all-in-one card deduction,
Or join Line@停車大聲公,
It doesn’t matter if none of the above methods are available,
You can go to a convenience store to print receipts for payment.

There will always be a way that suits you,
Otherwise, in the past, you had to take the receipt to the convenience store to pay.
No longer need manpower to time stamps,
All done by yourself,
Don’t worry about evading expenses,
Have recorded the license plate number,
With the current technological development,
Such changes are also good,
The convenience of changing lives.



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