Snacks,Shan Shi Jia Brown Sugar Organic Douhua, can't find the product on the company's official website?


I accompanied my mother to participate in a half marathon in Tainan,
It’s a very special route,
The starting point is Tainan Crystal Church, 
and the ending point is Chiayi High Heel Church.
This is not the point, my mother just walked 3 kilometers,
And of course I went to visit and play,
The people who help cheer and clap their hands nearby,
Did not participate in the activity at all.

I want to sleep,
I don’t want to go to a marathon at all,
I really admire the people who signed up,
I can't be tired without running.

At the end of the event, we still return to the crystal church where we started.
Whether it’s an award ceremony or receiving a reward,
And this time is when a lot of snacks are distributed,
By the way, help the contestants replenish calories and restore their physical strength.

Every contestant can get this bowl of bean curd,
It’s very weighty in your hand,
It is very different from the boxed douhua that you usually see,
Brands I haven’t seen in Taipei,
But it looks pretty good.

Meal Home Organic douhua,
After opening two packets of brown sugar sauce,
Comes with a small spoon,
And sincerely full of douhua,
It's really not an exaggeration,
It fills the entire bowl very firmly.

Simply eating douhua is not seasoned.
Faint bean aroma,
It feels a bit like pudding,
The kind that is very detailed and solid,
The first bite tasted good,
More sincere than the boxed douhua I have eaten before,
After adding brown sugar, another flavor is added,
Its brown sugar sauce has an old-fashioned feel,
It tastes a bit burnt,
The sweetness is quite high,
Don't like to eat too sweet,
There is no need to fill up two packs.

I'm almost full after eating this bowl,
You can know how big it is,
A girl may not finish eating alone.

But I didn’t see the same douhua on their official website.
I wonder if it’s actually on sale,
It’s the special flavor of cooperation with the marathon,
Or is it a new taste for market research?
This is a mystery.


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