Sometimes where you go is not important, but who you go with is more important.

Recently I watched a few Korean travel shows, and I remembered some things and feelings. There are two ways to organize people on the show. One is to arrange the selection of people in the program group, and the other is to invite his friends after the main characters are selected. To participate, these two methods will have different collisions and program effects.

The content of the program is not important. I think the communication between them is more meaningful. It reminds me and reflects on this question. Is it important to go where and what attractions, or the people who go with it? Every time you find a scenic spot you want to go to, it doesn't mean that others will also be interested in that place. If you don't go there, you can be more satisfied, and there will be no disputes.

Or if someone has already been to a place and others have not, will the person who has been feel uncomfortable? Why do you want to go to the same place again? When you can’t find the place you want to go, make an appointment What should I do if there is a group of people? In fact, these are too many thoughts, not that complicated.

Why do you say this? It’s because you are family members or good friends. The purpose of getting together is to be together. Somewhere is not as important as you think. Maybe it can increase a little bit of happiness, like having a good family. Most of the restaurants where you eat or an amazing attraction are actually time spent together. Those places are just places to get together.

Occasionally there are some minor situations, such as the place where you are going to go is not open, the restaurant you want to eat is full and you don’t want to line up. In fact, it doesn’t affect your emotions that much, but it adds a little memory to this event, but when you don’t like it Or go out with people with different opinions, no matter how good the sights are, no matter how delicious the food is, they don’t feel very good.

People together can change the atmosphere of the whole environment. Don't be so entangled in the place. Being together is fate. You must cherish the time and day together. Even just drinking a cup of coffee may be very happy.


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