Food-Taipei,South Airport Night Market,Chen Ji Pig Blood Cake, regret not ordering a big pig blood cake!

Am I a fan of pork blood cake?
Every time I see pig blood cake in the night market, I want to eat one.
Sometimes I suppress my desires,
After all, you can eat less after eating one.
Very uneconomical.

Unfortunately, there are few roadside stalls with pork blood cakes outside.
It can only be seen near the night market,
This is the first time I have been to the South Airport Night Market,
Walk from the end of the night market to the end and come back,
Still attracted by it (Chen Ji pig blood cake),i stopped.

In fact, there is a pig blood cake at the bottom of the alley.
But that one did not attract me,
Still walked back here.

Looking at the NT$5 difference between the big and small on the sign,
Makes me very tangled and helpless,
What should I do?
Should the point be bigger or smaller,
Finally ordered a small one,
Sacrifice to eat other food later.

NT$30 for large ones, NT$25 for small ones,
Therefore, I have no chance to see the style of the big pig blood cake,
Only a small branch of pig blood cake can comfort the injured soul 
who cannot eat a large branch.
The boss only asked,
Do you want spicy?

When I was preparing the change,
The boss skillfully picked up the pig blood cake,
Coated with sauce,
Dipped in coriander and peanut powder,
Just leave it to me.

I really think that the pork blood cake needs coriander,
Without coriander, it's like losing a soul,
I couldn't wait to take a bite,
Well, I actually took two bites,
I forgot to take it.

I knew I liked it the first time I went in,
The seasoning of the sauce is slightly different from ordinary ones.
It tastes salty and sweet,
The pork blood cake itself tastes good,
It is not too soft and has a taste,
It’s a bit chewy and not too hard,
The taste of each ingredient is very balanced,
Will not cover each other or steal the flavor,
After eating, I only regret not having a big one.


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