Unknown Food,South Airport Night Market-Fu Qi Fan Zhuang, the super popular queuing food turned out to be a bento.


There is a small shop in the middle and back section of the south airport night market  .
It was full at dinner time,
The queue is long and long,
Like endless people will join the queue,
After going back and forth twice, I saw no few people,
It can be seen that the serving size of the dishes is decreasing.

Very curiously approached to see what food was at the bottom,
It turned out to be a bento!
The name of the shop is [Fu Qi Fan Zhuang]
Should the couple drive together?
Will it take such a simple and direct name?

It is unknown food to me,
Because I didn’t eat,
It has no seats,
So everyone takes out to eat,
Then I came to the night market and bought a lunch box, which seemed weird.
You don’t have to think about other things,
Give up decisively, just watch.

Shops that usually line up,
Either the price is good or the portion is good,
Then there is taste, and then I think this is a night market,
The store selling bento is really interesting.

The dishes look very rich,
There are many styles and types,
I feel that residents living nearby come to buy it occasionally.

South Airport Night Market-Fu Qi Fan Zhuang


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