Unknown Food-Taipei,South Airport Night Market,Hao Jia oyster fritter, who can resist the temptation of fried food


Another family can only stare,
A pile of fried stuff is stacked on the countertop,
The deep-fried flavor spreads everywhere,
A group of people lined up in front of the vendors,
It's hard for someone not to be attracted by bombs.

I can’t leave to stay too close,
Deliberately controlling the steps and not walking over,
Keep your distance and watch the food thrown into the oil pan 
and the fried food that you fished out,
Good risk control did not drool.

[Hao Jia oyster fritter]
Was also introduced by many people,
But there are comments for good and bad,
This is also normal, everyone has a favorite taste,
So in fact, only oneself can judge the quality,
It’s just that it contains all the elements that attract me,
Will be kept in my heart is the list of eating once.

After reading its menu,
I want to order something,
Seafood, meat, vegetables can be fried,
Saw a very amazing coriander roll!
This is a bit powerful,
I really want to see people who hate coriander eat it.

South Airport Night Market,Hao Jia oyster fritter


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