Unknown Food-Taipei,South Airport Night Market,Keelung oden comprehensive tianbula, I can't tell you how bitter it is.


Does this oden and tianbula come from Keelung?
Is Keelung famous for its oden and tianbula?
Alright~ I think too much about this,
Want to know the answer in a strange place.

Personally, I like to eat oden and tianbula,
Remember the oden vendor in front of the elementary school,
I'm going to go like that after class,
Bring the only change and buy one to eat.

This one has not checked the evaluation on Google Maps before buying,
But its location is very conspicuous,
It’s my favorite food again,
Because the family hasn’t eaten dinner yet,
I deliberately asked if I would help bring food home,
Sure enough, I chose this one later.

So when I bought it, I secretly ordered more oden and tianbula,
I have calculated the direction of the incident in my heart,
As everyone knows, there are exceptions to everything,
It happened this time.

Only one price list was posted in front of the stall,
It is recommended that those who come for the first time take a look.
Avoid doubts about prices at that time,
Some items are a bit expensive.

oden and tianbula has not been cooked in the soup,
Put it in and heat it up when it’s ordering,
Soup is a very important part,
Although all the ingredients are thrown in and boiled,
But not every one is delicious.

It’s important to drink more than NT$40 to have soup.
In fact, any point will exceed,
When taking out, the clerk will also ask if you want soup.

Even though I have said so much,
I bought the food too,
I also picked the items,
I brought it home,
As a result, when I went home first and gave the food to my mom,
I found out when I went home 15 minutes later,

I wanted to try the taste,
The oden and tianbula that I like and the sweetness are gone,
Never come back again!

South Airport Night Market,Keelung oden comprehensive tianbula


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