Unknown Food-Taipei,South Airport Night Market,Lai Lai dumpling, is this a battlefield? Grab food and position.

When looking for food at the night market in South Airport,
Lai lai dumpling have appeared many times,
Whether you can see it in YouTube videos or blog articles,
Although not recommended by Michelin Bib Gourmand,
But it is one of the food that many people eat when they go to the night market in South Airport.

But I didn’t find it in the beginning,
I saw it later when I left the night market and walked to the side alley.
At this time, there is no room to continue eating.

Leave a record when passing by,
Wait for the next opportunity to eat again,
When I passed by, I saw all the seats were full.
The clerk was explaining very loudly what dumplings are still there.
What dumplings have been sold out.

The guests responded loudly,
The guests next to you will help answer,
It is a wonderful atmosphere.

I feel that I can't grab the food when I arrive late.
Or it’s not unwise not to take up positions quickly.
Can't wait obediently and take the initiative to attack.

The dumplings that come here are all made on-site.
Not much choice,
There are only two kinds of dumplings on weekdays,
On weekends and holidays, there will only be a pork and cabbage dumplings.

So don’t worry about having too many flavours.
Just make sure to eat a few servings of dumplings and hot and sour soup sizes.
10 dumplings NT$70 per serving,
There are also some side dishes to choose from.

Is it actually suitable for my taste?
I don’t know, I don’t know until I eat it.

South Airport Night Market,Lai Lai dumpling


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