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It is absolutely impossible to ignore and ignore in the South Airport night market .
【Shan nei Chicken】
It’s in the first row of the night market,
Before walking into the night market, you must look at the queue clearly.
I don’t know where its queue is,
As a result, it was embarrassing to queue up without paying attention to food.

When I went there was a night market staff checking my temperature,
The line of people in Shan nei chicken almost blocked the door,
I looked at the street where there were not many people,
As a result, I couldn't even enter the night market.
It has no internal or external queues,
Are all lined up together,
Because they are fast,
The waiting time is not too long,
The only thing that will be delayed is the internal seat,
Everyone’s dining time and habits are different,
Seats are also limited,
Most of the guests are very conscious,
Will not occupy the position for too long,
After eating, it will sort out and give up the position to the next guest.

Because I eat alone,
I ordered the signature chicken rice for NT$90,
It contains a portion of chicken, a bowl of rice topped with sauce, 
and a bowl of clear soup,
If you like to eat tender chicken, you can order chicken thigh rice for NT$100,
But you have to arrive earlier and will be sold out earlier than the chicken rice.
Because I want to try the meat quality of the chicken rice,
I didn't go for some chicken thigh rice.

Chicken rice

Chicken rice

No need to eat chicken,
Just eating is delicious,
A touch of sauce and chicken oil,
Not very greasy,
The hardness of the rice is just right.


At first I wonder if the amount of chicken is too small,
After all, if you go to lunch at this price,
There are other side dishes,
This is only chicken.

The chicken itself is not seasoned,
It looks like just cooked chicken,
But the taste of chicken is still very strong,
The meat is just right,
The meat is tender and chewy,
Chicken breast will not be very dry,
There is some gravy.


The chicken sauce is very salty, it is recommended not to dip too much,
If there is a lot of dipping, it will be more suitable with rice.
Because the rice also has sauce,
I have 1 or 2 pieces of chicken that were soaked in too much sauce and almost died of saltiness.
Jiang Si can also help relieve tiredness,
Fortunately, a bowl of very light soup is attached.

Overall it suits my taste quite well,
The processing and taste of the chicken is OK,
I have the opportunity to eat again next time.

It’s purely personal, everyone has different preferences,
What suits me is not necessarily suitable for you.

South Airport Night Market,Shan nei chicken


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