Life【Taipei】I visited the South Airport Night Market for the first time. It is a small night market but it hides a lot of food.


The South Airport Night Market has come into the eyes of everyone in recent years. One of the reasons is that Michelin Bibden recommends food. After that, there are many YouTube videos or introductions. That's why I know about the South Airport Night Market.

Born and raised in Taipei for so many years, I never thought I never knew that there was this night market. Is it because the South Airport Night Market is too low-key, or I am too bad!

It should be said that it is not a big night market, consisting of a main street and connected alleys.It may not take five minutes to walk from start to finish. I was stunned. I didn't expect such a small area.

If you are driving to the South Airport Night Market, you don’t have to look forward to parking on the roadside. It is almost impossible. Unless it is luck exploded, you should go to the parking lot and park.

Privately-operated parking lots cost NT$60 for an hour, and NT$30 for an hour at the Youth Park, which is very affordable. It is only a few minutes away from the night market.

This is my first visit, and I am very unfamiliar with it, so I went around a few times and stopped at the Youth Park after seeing a few parking lots.

The South Airport Night Market is different from other well-known night markets. There are no other types of vendors, only vendors selling food, so if you want to go shopping like other night markets, it is not suitable to come here, it is very simple to eat here.

The crowds are relatively less crowded. Except for the famous food vendors, there will be a lot of people queuing up. Everyone just ate and left, and didn't spend much time staying here.

Even if you didn't do any homework the first time you came here, as long as you see a store where many people eat or queue up, it must be a well-known store, which is easier to identify than other night markets, because this night market is not big.

I should visit again and try all the food I haven't eaten this time, but for me, going there is not that convenient.


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