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At the end of the entrance of  the South Airport night market ,
There is a cart with no name but the name of the food,
Selling traditional biscuits,
Only sells four flavors,
Long clay oven roll, salty shortbread pastry,
sweet shortbread pastry, red bean pastry,
The price is NT$15/pcs.

I am following the crowd,
Seeing a lot of people in line,
At the time, I didn’t even know that it was the food 
recommended by Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand.
I'm just interested in sesame seeds,
I want to try how it tastes different from the soy milk shop.

Two elders who look like old couples are making dough,
A young man is in charge of frying sesame seeds,
One is in charge of order and checkout,
I don’t know if they are a family,
It seems to be very harmonious,
We are running this trolley together.

There is not much space for the cart,
Can only accommodate the next oven,
You need to make semi-finished products next to it,
So we need to wait patiently,
After frying on the oven for a while,
Will be put into the oven to bake,
Will have such a taste.

I bought long clay oven roll and salty shortbread pastry,
There are actually many people who buy red bean pastry and sweet shortbread pastry.
Many people recommend it,
But I didn’t want to eat sweets,
Just want to try the taste of long clay oven roll.

After returning home, my family thought it was good.
Simple taste,
The aroma and sweetness of flour,
With a slight saltiness,
It tastes chewy,
The dough should take a lot of time to make,
Because all the flavors are changed with this basic dough,
If you go to the South Airport Night Market,
You can buy and eat,
It suits my personal taste.

It’s purely personal, everyone has different preferences,
What suits me is not necessarily suitable for you.

South Airport Night Market,Unnamed-clay-oven-roll


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