The reason why I don’t like exercise.

Preliminary summary, proper exercise is necessary for physical exercise. There is no need to over-exercise. Everyone is different. Finding a suitable exercise method and time will not be too difficult. Find a balance and let yourself develop a habit instead of It would be a shame to force myself to give up directly in the end. 

Why did I not like sports for a while?

Have you noticed that I am not saying that I do not like sports at all or do not exercise, but that I did not like sports for a period of time, which means that I have been exercising at one time or for a certain period of time, but there are reasons why I did not like sports later, or even Because I hate sports, this change is quite big. When one day suddenly finds that exercise has not helped me at all, it is the day I gave up. Why is this happening?

I have to start from a young age. Everyone’s physique is different. Some people seem to be better than those who exercise when they don’t. Some people don’t get sick anyway. It just happens that these have nothing to do with me. I used to be very I exercised a lot, and my physical strength was good when I was young. Running was also in the top ten in the class. I like to try and be interested in every sport, and my learning ability is not bad. I have played badminton, table tennis, middle school. Just like playing basketball.

It sounds like my body should be good. It’s so embarrassing. I’m very prone to catch colds and get sick. I have to see a doctor almost every week. I haven’t stopped taking medicine. This is very contradictory, and it is also very speechless. I exercise a lot and I should look healthy, but on the contrary, I still get sick no matter how I exercise.

I started to feel suspicious and hated about sports. In addition, the commute time in high school is very long every day. I don’t have any thoughts and time to exercise. I don’t think about physical education. Everyone is mixing up. It’s just time, and it’s even possible to be borrowed by other teachers. Gradually, exercise is no longer in the daily life. Those who can sit will never stand, they will never sit when they can lie down, and they will never walk when they can take a ride. Feeling limp.

Regardless of whether you exercise or not, you feel the same. Should you be sick or sick, why bother to make yourself so tired? After a period of time, until a friend who was studying Chinese medicine helped to regulate his body, his physique was obviously better than before. The condition of illness is not like the past, and the recovery speed has also improved. Coupled with the relationship between age, I feel that Time to put exercise on the agenda.


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