Why start exercising? Good health and good luck.

Exercise is a very important thing. Probably no one has never heard of it or been instructed, but in fact, there are not as many people who actually do it. If the normal life patterns and habits are normal, the diet is also a balanced intake. In addition, the usual daily metabolism may not require exercise, but this is very difficult in modern society.

There are so many temptations outside. There are 24-hour food and 24-hour entertainment. If there is no time to play during the day, it can continue at night. This aspect is really convenient in Taiwan, except for nightclubs at that time abroad. , The others closed their doors and went home to sleep, so people who really follow the rules of life really admire their perseverance.

Under this factor, you don’t feel much about insurance. It’s more important to take good care of your body. Other external factors can’t make you feel at ease. You can rely on yourself. That’s why you started exercising. The physical condition allows the body to slightly restore its past appearance. Increased muscle mass and fat loss can also help the body's metabolism, and can eat more delicious food. On the other hand, it is psychologically whether it can release and reduce some pressure.

There is no complicated reason or great significance. It is just that you should start exercising while you are young. It’s good to be healthy. You don’t need to do too much exercise or for too long. Just be yourself. You can do a regular exercise every day for a certain period of time, 20-30 minutes or more is good. Even if you do it for 10 minutes, it is better than nothing. Maintaining a habit will not let yourself hate or reject it. No exercise at the end.

People who don’t usually do exercises for a long time suddenly have risks. Otherwise, people’s fatigue and muscle soreness will also be very high. In fact, it’s a bit dangerous. It’s better to do some exercise every day. I can persist, regardless of whether I can actually lose weight or not. It is for health, and health cannot be bought with money. This is the most important thing.


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