A tragic camping occurred during a student graduation trip.

I forgot whether it was an elementary school or a junior high school graduation trip. I thought it was elementary school. I was very excited when I heard that I was going out to play. I didn't know where to go. None of the itineraries written on the list could be understood. I don’t know which region of Taiwan I’m in. I just think about how long I’ll be in the car. It’s the happiest thing not to go to school.

Of course, it will not be as luxurious as the graduation trip of current students. It was still very simple and simple, and the price is cheaper than it is now. I remember that after graduation, I heard that the school had increased the number of travel days and specifications. I was really envious of the latter. Younger brothers and sisters, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages, which also represents an increase in costs, and it may not be that every family can afford it.

I still remember that our trip was in the north, not too far from Taipei. It’s very close to my grandpa’s home in Miaoli, and it’s less than 2 hours by car. If you take the car for too long, the kids can’t stand it. It’s still in a mountain. Inside, there is actually no memory of that place, and it is not clear whether it still exists. There is only one thing about that trip that makes me remember deeply.

We were going to camp and sleep in a tent during that event. I can imagine how interesting it was to sleep in a tent at that time. Normally, there is no chance to touch it. There is still a feeling of sleeping outside. It is both exciting and exciting. I may have participated in some during the day. The activities that I don’t like are waiting for who can be in the tent at night, or surrounded by nature in the mountains and forests.

Everything seemed to be good. Until the night, everything went wrong. We had to take things and hide in the room as if fleeing. Everyone squeezed into a large space and spread sleeping bags on the floor. It was about a night. Why is it so different from what I imagined, my tent and nature are gone, so I can only lie on the floor with everyone and hide in a sleeping bag, listening to the people nearby chatting secretly and the downpour outside, that's right, it's raining heavily.

It’s so dumbfounded. The weather that day had a grudge against us, and it rained heavily, which caused us to be evacuated indoors and camping in the tent that was destroyed directly. We couldn’t do anything. Event planning was also affected. The elated travel mood was directly extinguished by the rain, and there was no other impression anymore. This was one of the few campings I had, which directly reduced my desire for camping.


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