Chiayi Attractions | Budai Town-High Heels Wedding Church

Chiayi High Heel Church has been famous for a while,
Even people who are not interested in this kind of attraction have heard of it,
I knew there was really a lot of news about it once,
Girls have no immunity to this kind of attraction,
Will definitely want to take a look.

Um~ my mother is one of them!
As a driver without self-consciousness,
Can only take her to the place where she thought about it day and night?
Obviously it should be my dad who took her there!

The High Heel Church is in Budai Port, Budai Town,
Will pass through Budaigang Fishing Market,
I saw many seafood restaurants,
Actually, I am quite interested in them,
I don't know what the price of seafood here is.

We went on Friday afternoon,
Not too many tourists,
The sea breeze is blowing near the sea,
Will be a bit cooler,
It should be quite cold when there is no sun.

Do many people come to the high heel church on holidays?
Or do you come here to eat seafood and watch the church?

First impression,
This neighborhood is a bit desolate,
The building next to it is also a bit mottled,
There are no customers in the store,
It feels like this high heel church is a bit lonely.

Since there is no crowd,
You can enjoy shooting from all angles,
Otherwise, there is really nothing to do,
I guess my mother took hundreds of photos here,
Choose slowly after going back anyway.

When the weather is good and there are lights at night,
It should be more beautiful or more atmospheric.

It's pretty boring to look at it this way,
It's a spot that I've been to once and never want to go again.

The little train and carriage that I saw unexpectedly,
Maybe occasional events are held,
Or will it be used on holidays?

High Heels Wedding Church


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