Food in Chiayi,Yuanxing Yuxiangwu Zhongzheng second Store, the signature grapefruit green tea.

There are many well-known beverage shops in the south,
Chiayi has Yuanxing Yuxiangwu,
It currently only has two stores,
The head office and the  Zhongzheng second store,
The second store is near Lin Congming Claypot Fish Head.

This is a bit foul,
Customers who lined up to eat Lin Chongming casserole fish head 
almost had a cup in their hands.
It doesn't feel like a gregariousness without a drink.

I did my homework before going to Chiayi this time.
I just remembered Yuxiangwu,
I don’t really understand why it’s so popular.
It may also be related to the fact that I don't drink hand shakes often.

I just happened to go to Lin Congming Claypot Fish Head for dinner,
I passed by and saw many people queuing,
I only remembered the name of Yuxiangwu,
This is the famous drink in Chiayi.

Don’t worry about ordering drinks the first time you come.
Hot drinks are recommended at the door,
According to the point, there is generally no error,
It must be recommended by its signature.

Of course I just ordered a glass of grapefruit green tea for NT$60!

I just missed the opportunity to line up,
It took less than 5 minutes from ordering to getting the drink,
Otherwise, it should usually take a long time!

Grapefruit green tea has only one medium cup size,
The clerk will also remind you that there is a plum in it,
If you don't like it, please ask them not to put it in.

Grapefruit green tea really contains grapefruit grains,
This combination is actually very wonderful,
Don't know how to describe it,
A bunch of question marks appeared on the head after the first sip,
What the hell is this?

Slightly sour and slightly astringent, a bit sweet,
The fragrance of grapefruit, the smell of green tea and a touch of plum fragrance,
I can drink it all,
But it feels okay for me,
People who like it should like it very much,
People who don't like it don't like it very much.

Friends who have never had a drink can try it if they pass by.
Be curious about new things.

Yuanxing Yuxiangwu Zhongzheng second Store



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