Memories of my childhood grandfather's house is earth oven~Things that can only be done in the countryside.

Since it has been a period of time, the impression is not so clear and clear, please forgive me.

In the early days, the space in my grandfather’s house was limited, and it was barely enough when the number of people was small. Later, when someone got married and had children, the number began to increase. It was obvious that the room was not used enough, otherwise everyone would be crowded together. There is no place to live even when I go back for the New Year.

Forgetting that when a certain building was rebuilt, a piece of land was leveled up like a farmland. It was all muddy land. At that time, the place was like a playground. You can find out what is on the land. I feel scared and curious, and the atmosphere of adventure is a bit dangerous.

Later, on a certain day, my family suddenly wanted to say whether to roast sweet potatoes in the earth oven. It was the first time and the last time for the earth oven. It was also the only time I had experience with earth oven. There were only a few near the countryside Most of his homes are farmland, and you may not have the opportunity to earth oven. They have to be ready to plant crops anytime and anywhere, otherwise they can't make a living.

The usual cash crops in that community are rice, taro, and red dates. The rice stalks left over after the rice harvest is a common burning material, and it is also a good fuel-supporting material. It is very suitable for burning fire to earth oven. I am not afraid of finding something. When it comes to firewood, sweet potatoes will not be a scarce crop. If all the conditions add up, don’t you do earth oven? That would be a waste of this environment.

Watching the fire burning in the ground, and the darkness next to it, looking up at the stars in the sky, listening to crackling sounds, and occasionally the sounds of insects, isn't this what people want when they go camping now? Smell the aroma and look forward to the food from the earth oven, the simplest happiness.

It’s no longer possible to go back to that time now. A group of people gathered around the kiln, chatting and staring in a daze, looking at the stars, eating snacks, maybe not rich or not very modern products, only the emotional connection between people There are no bad entanglements, only memories from childhood.


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