Life-New Taipei City,Sanchong,Chongxin bridge Tourist Market, second-hand flea market and many pork bone soups.

How many bridges are there in Taipei? I do not know,
I don’t know how many bridges have tourist markets.
Maybe I haven’t even been to many bridges,
There is a second-hand market under the bridge, all foreign friends told me.
Otherwise, you may not know until now.

A few years ago, a friend from the United States came to Taipei to play,
He likes to go to the second-hand flea market to search for interesting things,
Therefore, he especially found out whether there is such a place in Taipei.
He discovered the second-hand market of Fuhe Bridge and Chongxin Bridge,
At that time I had something to do,
It took so many years to come back to the Chongxin bridge tourist market.

The traffic here is a problem,
It’s almost impossible to come without driving or riding a motorcycle.
The attraction to me is relatively reduced,
Later, I saw a vendor who was eating,
Or pork bone soup,
Well, let's find time to come here!

Big bone soup is my favorite when I was a kid,
There is meat to eat, bones to chew and marrow to suck,
You can also drink long-boiled soup.

Near the bridge is a floodway,
There is also a large open space in the park,
You can also come here to exercise and walk on weekends.
But it also represents a very empty space,
There are not many shaded places.

The Chongxin bridge Tourist Market is only in the morning,
The holiday was extended to two in the afternoon,
You need to get up early if you want to go shopping.

I don’t quite understand why I named the tourist market.
There is no good place for sightseeing,
There is no corresponding product,
Isn't it good to just call a second-hand flea market?

The products sold at the stall here are very diverse,
There are clothing, electronic products, agricultural products, various tools,
The source is not clear,
But it doesn’t look like a foreign flea market.
Things are neither old nor new,
I almost took a glance and walked over.
There is no idea that makes me want to dig treasure.

Maybe it's not for me!

There is a gourmet area at the end,
The front stall selling pepper cakes,
Otherwise, I want to buy one and try it.
I really like pepper cakes.

If you look around, you will find that most of the shops here sell pork bone soup.
There are also different soup bases to choose from,
For the first time, I don’t know how to choose,
The tables in the dining area are also isolated,
To prevent the epidemic, this is worth encouraging,
So which pork bone soup did I have?

The conclusion is that I left without eating anything,
When I arrived, I found that I had no appetite.
Dispelled the idea of trying pig bone soup,
I think this is my first and last time to go to this tourist market,
There was no point that attracted me to visit again.

Chongxin bridge Tourist Market(Flea market)



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