Food in Taipei,Da'an District,KiKi noodle bar, near MRT Xinyi Anhe Station.

KiKi restaurant is considered a well-known Sichuan restaurant in Taiwan.
In recent years, several branches have been closed due to environmental reasons.
I was a little surprised when I saw the brand KiKi noodle bar.
Will definitely think of the original KiKi restaurant.

I didn’t find this restaurant,
It was purely what my mother saw when she was walking outside,
Don't understand how she can stroll into this alley?

It looks pretty good from the outside,
A little bit of Kiki's original feeling?
It's been a long time since I went to Kiki restaurant 
and I have to forget what it looks like.

The environment inside is also good,
The design and decoration seem to have taken a lot of thought,
Quite comfortable,
Because it is a shop specializing in noodles,
They are all small seats, not suitable for groups of people.

This is semi-self-service,
The tableware and water are taken by yourself,
There is a spicy sauce they made,
You can give it a try.

They also sell their products,
But personally feel that the price and portion are not very worthwhile.

The items are mainly pasta,
Like noodles, dumplings, wontons,
It is also a spicy Sichuan taste.

The sauce should be made by themselves!

Braised pig skin and soft-boiled eggs,
The pork skin is delicious and chewy,
The eggs are a bit ordinary.

Spicy sauce is not very spicy or numb.

Chengdu dry noodles that are not spicy,
Not sure how it tastes after adding spicy,
My mother doesn't think so much, very ordinary.

Wontons and noodles in red oil, the sauce is full of aroma,
The noodles are all thin noodles, which are chewy and easy to absorb the sauce.
It’s not too spicy, so I added the spicy sauce myself.
The portion is actually not big, and boys will not be full if they eat noodles alone.

It has the aroma of Sichuan pepper, but not very numb,
I always feel that something is missing after eating,
Doesn't seem to be in place,
But I can't tell what's wrong.

Maybe it’s because I don’t think it is so Sichuan flavor.
After eating, I asked my mother what she thought.
She just said very ordinary,
Shouldn't come to eat again.

To be honest, the price is not very cheap,
Then there is nothing particularly amazing,
The price/performance ratio will not feel very OK.

Hmm, let’s look for other food when we get there!

It’s purely personal, everyone has different preferences,
What suits me is not necessarily suitable for you.

KiKi noodle bar


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