Travel in Zhonghe,Hung Lo Dei Nanshan Fude Temple, the largest Earth God in New Taipei, has a wide view of the landscape.


There is a super large statue of Earth God in Fude Temple, Zhonghe Hung Lo Dei.
The sense of existence that can be felt in the distance,
It should be the largest Earth God in the north,
The temple is on the mountain,
All visions are also very good,
It is a temple that can be visited 24 hours a day,
Otherwise, it is not recommended to go to temples at night.

The night scene here is very famous,
So people who don’t have time to visit during the day,
I will come here to pay goodbye and watch the night view at night,
It is also a good place for couples to date.

Fude Temple is divided into two areas,
Below is the Temple of Wealth,
Above is the main hall.

This staircase leads to the uppermost main hall,
It takes a while to go up,
There are many steps,
I just gave up without going up the stairs,
And drive directly to the top parking lot,
This depends on personal choice.

It can also be used as exercise by the way,
I will still be walking down then,
I just gave up thinking of going down.

There are lovely statues of gods in the Temple of Wealth,
So that children will not feel scared,
Very kind.

Parking spaces under the Temple of Wealth are limited.
It must be up when it is full here,
There is a flat parking lot and indoor parking lot.

There are some parking spaces on the mountain road to the upper main hall,
But it seems a bit difficult to stop on the slope,
The top parking lot has limited space.
There will be workers controlling traffic,
You can consider whether to drive up.

Although it has escaped the longest flight of stairs,
Still have to take a flight of stairs,
I still pant after walking,
Secretly glad that I didn't climb the longest ladder.

These small stalls sell some food,
Is it because you are afraid that someone will be hungry when they climb up?
But I have too much expectation for this kind of lack,
Just take a look.

The scenery above is really good,
Looking at New Taipei City from another angle,
It must be very different during the day and night,
I have a chance to see the night scene again in the future.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t bring anything to worship.
They have a sales department selling the snacks you need.

The only inconvenience here is traffic.
If you don’t have a car to use,
I don’t know when I will come.
I have heard and read many introductions here,
Always wanted to take a look at the scenery,
It was stuck until there was no transportation.

Zhonghe,Hung Lo Dei Nanshan Fude Temple


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