Food in New Taipei City,Xinzhuang Food,Dounan migao, there are only three kinds of food on the menu.

Where is this place?
Why did I come here?
I shouldn't have been cheated.

Xinzhuang is really a bit far away,
When I saw the introduction of this Dounan migao,
It’s just stored in Google Maps,
I never thought of when I would eat it.
Because of the estimated time and route, the idea of basically giving up,
Let me get rid of the idea and know how inconvenient it is.

Without any special reason,
Maybe there is no chance to eat it,
There is no expectation in my heart.

But there was a turning point,
Just go straight to the destination,
This location is actually not friendly to outsiders,
Although it is Xinzhuang, it is very peripheral,
Not the people who live nearby or have memories of it,
There is no idea of eating here.

There is a parking lot nearby, and it’s about 5 minutes.
It takes about 5 minutes to ride a Ubike from Danfeng or Huilong MRT station.
It is right in the middle of two MRT stations.

It looks inconspicuous,
Very traditional and unpretentious,
Past style,
Also has a sense of age,
No decoration,
Simple and clean.

This shop only makes three kinds of food,
Crispy sparerib soup, migao, fish ball soup,
That's it, nothing else,
The price is not expensive,
All three are less than NT$100.

Rib soup is actually Crispy sparerib soup.
It feels like simmering for a long time,
The taste is integrated into the soup,
Not bad.

The color of the migao is white,
I haven’t used any sauces before,
The taste of glutinous rice is soft and elastic,
Without being too soft,
The filling on the top is fried very fragrant,
But not very salty,
Without topping with soy sauce or sweet chili sauce,
It's pretty light,
It will not feel very greasy.

In fact, its weight is not too big,
Boys can eat two migao and a bowl of soup,
It's just right.

The store should be trying to prepare these foods well,
There are not many choices like other stores,
You only have these to eat here,
It also means that they have confidence in the food they make.

I want to eat again when I have the opportunity to go nearby,
But it should be impossible for me to run like this time.

Xinzhuang,Dounan migao


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