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A few years ago, I visited Xinyue Bridge and 
Xinzhuang Night Market with my uncle’s family,
That should be the first time I went to Xinzhuang,
Any memories that I haven’t been there are in my mind,
Everything is strange and fresh.

Especially before going home at the end,
Take us to buy pork blood soup and fried noodles fried rice noodles,
Originally, we all ate our stomachs in the night market,
Still obsessed, we must take them home to eat,
Just say you eat it.

All said so,
As soon as I got home, I opened it and tasted it,
Even if it’s not just hot from the oven,
It's already warm, the taste is really good,
Especially the pork blood soup was impressed.

Just keep this pig blood soup in my heart,
So this time I went to Xinzhuang especially to find this store,
The intersection of Lane 214 and Jingde Road, 
Xinzhuang Road, Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City,
I realized that it was no longer where it was in the past,
I thought I wouldn’t be able to eat it again, right?

Quickly search for information on Google,
I found a pig blood soup at Xinzhuang Night Market,
Going with uncertain thoughts,
Suspecting his memory, ordered a bowl of pork blood soup.

The price is mid-range,
There are cheaper than here,
But weight and taste are also very important.

The pork blood is separately placed in a large pot,
It feels like it is in it,
Otherwise, it’s not easy for pig blood to taste good.
So many pork blood soups taste separate from pork blood.
Not fused together.

Because I had eaten something before, 
I only ordered the pork blood soup for NT$40.
Otherwise, only NT$10 is a good deal.
Seeing this amount, I was worried that I could not finish it.

Large chunks of pork blood,
I have won a lot of pork blood soup,
I think this price is very good value,
The taste of pork blood is tender and elastic,
There is a taste,
Shacha sauerkraut and leeks are really good,
One less will work.

Suits my taste,
I will eat again next time if I go there,
Of course it should be served with fried noodles or fried rice noodles.

Finally I confirmed with the boss,
They just moved out from inside,
Because the original area needs to be re-planned and constructed,
In order to prevent old customers from not being able to eat,
It has been in the current position for a few years.

Xinzhuang Night Market Pork Blood Soup


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