Anping old fort specific special product-Success Beer, Taiwan Beer Cooperative Limited Edition.

Maybe you won’t miss something special when you pass by, like this limited edition of Taiwanese beer in Anping, named Chenggong Beer(Success beer)!

At first, I didn't know that there was this product, because I didn't go to the souvenir shop and sales department, and my family and friends found this product after they went in.

Originally, after they saw it in the souvenir shop, they asked the waiter and said it was sold out. They asked them to go to the sales department below to see if there was any. They were lucky enough to buy this limited edition Taiwan beer.

The price is basically the same as buying Taiwanese beer from the outside. There is no increase in the price because it is a limited sale. Although only the exterior coating is changed, the inside is still the same Taiwanese beer.

I personally think that I would buy this kind of limited edition, usually for collection, and few people would actually open it to drink.

Zheng Chenggong holds one hand for chenggong(success), and the other hand holds the raw materials for winemaking. He is quite creative. I don't know whether it will succeed if I drink it, or if I buy it, I have to wait for the verification of time.

This kind of souvenir with a bit of cultural and creative concepts can still be considered as a souvenir. No one knows how long it will be sold.


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