【Miaoli Tongluo Food】Mung bean pastry at Jinxiang Cake Shop.


Every year during the Lunar New Year, I always go to the Jinxiang Cake Shop. On the one hand, it is used for worship, and on the other hand, it is eaten, especially once a year, even if I occasionally go back to my grandpa’s house. Not every time I go to the gong.

Mung bean pon is a snack that I haven’t tried for a long time. I remember that I had eaten it when I was a child, but I don’t have much memory. I usually only buy mung bean cake and I feel very guilty, let alone buying other types of pastries. Up. (That’s how I lied to myself, I actually still want to buy it)

When I returned to Taipei and opened the many bags, a surprise suddenly appeared in front of my eyes. It turned out that someone bought it so smart and thoughtful. It's time to give some encouragement and applause. Otherwise, I'm sorry for the three mung bean pastries.

The white and round shape is so cute and attractive, and a message is sent from all angles, eat me~ eat me in the belly.

It has expressed its attitude like this, what else can it say? Don't rush to meet its expectations and eat it.

It just looks big, it's actually the size, can't take a few bites, don't feel guilty.

When eating, be careful to lose the crumbs. The outer skin is like a sun cake. After cutting it, there are many layers. A thick layer of mung bean filling wraps the solid meat floss in the middle. The mung bean does not have excessive sweetness, but has a light aroma. The salty aroma in the middle is just right to balance the taste, and will not make you feel too sweet or too salty. Another cup of coffee or tea is a good afternoon tea combination.


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