Changhua Food,Lukang Old Street-Jinjin street food,Stewed pork rice with sausage, shrimp balls and meatball soup.


Hidden in the old shop in Lugang Alley, if not for the locals and friends to take us there, maybe we would have been fed by the food on the old street, even if we saw it, we couldn't eat it.

One of the friends is very exaggerated. He also lives in Taipei. Every time he wants the food from this restaurant, he asks a local friend to help him buy it. By the way, he can buy other things and send it to Taipei.

It is an old local store for more than 60 years. It has preserved the old-fashioned cuisine. It is very exciting to see what the taste is.

To make friends never forget, you have to eat when you come here.

The menu is Taiwan’s traditional and classic food, as long as it is a favorite of Taiwanese, even if you don’t eat it often, you have to relish the taste occasionally.

In fact, my condition was not very good that day, I didn't have any appetite, and I was always hesitating whether to eat or not. After all, this one had a heavier taste, and I was even more uncomfortable after eating.

As soon as I saw the meat rice on the table, I decisively asked the boss to serve another one.

Is my resistance too low? Can't resist the temptation of food, especially when a piece of fat, thin and colored pork belly is placed in front of you, it seems that a demon is making a sound in your ear, eat~eat~If you don't eat it, you will regret it!

Comprehensive ball soup (shrimp balls + meat balls) NT$50,
Stewed pork rice is NT$45 and sausage is NT$15.

Shrimp balls and meatballs are quite elastic and one of their signatures.

There are shredded bamboo shoots and pickled radishes in the rice with marinated pork, with a little bit of marinade, it is marinated but still retains pork belly that is not too soft, salty and salty, but not too salty, as well as bamboo shoots and pickled radish To reduce the greasiness, a bowl of stewed pork rice is not enough.

The sausage is really pocket-sized. A small piece of sausage is gone after a few bites. The fat and thin taste can be clearly eaten, and the faint aroma of wine is not available in Taipei.

Jinjin street food


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