Tainan Anping Old Street-TAUKA Cafe Tao Urn roasted specialty coffee, Tainan Anping store.

It is another coffee brand produced in the south. TAUKA Cafe is based in Kaohsiung, and Anping Old Street is their second branch. They are preparing to open franchise stores.

Will you see their brand in the north someday? You can wait and see.

I found out that this coffee shop was an accident. It didn’t happen to me. It was because my friends went to Anping Old Street the day before. They found it by accident when they wanted to have a cup of coffee. They thought their coffee was good, so the next day When I said I was going to Anping Old Fort, I wanted to have a cup of their coffee, so I took us to TAUKA Cafe.

In the alleys with many snacks, the smell of coffee wafting out when passing by is very eye-catching, and it is like a separate space from the surrounding vendors.

When the weather is hot, of course, come with a cup of cool iced coffee. After it is made, it is directly put in and frozen into ice bricks, and then taken out and refrigerated. The special brewing method and preservation method can bring the fresh flavor and taste of the coffee?

This is the first time I have heard of the production method, and I am quite curious about how different it will be.

I don’t know if it’s affected by the publicity in the first sip. It seems to be a bit different. The taste is soft and gentle, with a little fruity aroma, without any astringency or slight sourness. I can’t say that it tastes bad, but at first In fact, it didn't suit my taste very much. After a few more sips, I thought it was okay.

I am more curious about the taste of hot drinks made from the same coffee beans. The way they roast coffee is different from others. They have their own way. If you are interested, you can try it. It is not necessarily suitable for everyone's taste.

TAUKA Cafe,Tainan Anping store


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