Travel|Tainan Attractions-Anping Old Street, the first commercial street in Taiwan?

I went to Anping Old Fort and Anping Tree House a few years ago. I also ate bean curd nearby. Normally speaking, I should have been to Anping Old Street. It’s a nearby scenic spot, but this time it’s the number one. It seems a bit funny. Did it automatically ignore its sense of existence, or did it have nothing to do with me. 

Maybe this is my first and last time to go. Why do you say that? When I walked into Anping Old Street, I was still very excited. After all, I have never been here. I am still curious about what this old street looks like. There will be many old buildings and historical sites that have been passed down for a long time.

But when I arrived at Anping Old Street, I was still a bit disappointed. In addition to commercialization or commercialization, I walked on both sides of the street and were selling goods. This is okay and understandable.

However, there are no gaps in all of them. All the places are advertisements, and the streets are full of products selling. Here I ask if you want to try it, and the other side ask if you want to buy it. What did I see? ?

There are no novelties and no cultural products. Almost all products are food. Just meat jerky and shrimp cakes are everywhere. They are everywhere. I feel a little disgusted.

This is not the old street I imagined, nor is it the atmosphere I want, maybe it doesn't suit me well.


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