On the way to Tainan Anping Old Street, I accidentally saw an old-fashioned rice shop.

Surprises can be seen everywhere, and always happen in unexpected places,Maybe not a big deal or place,It can also make oneself move or happy,Without spending money and thinking,It's that simple life.

On the road to Anping Old Street in Tainan,The weather is sunny and the sun is warm,Everyone is hiding indoors from the over-enthusiastic sun,I walked on the road without shelter,Heart ideal, why am I here?The sun is so big, there is nowhere to hide,The mouth is thirsty to death,I have to doubt life,Also show a smiling face to the partner.

It’s not that I don’t like sunshine,It’s not that I don’t want to go shopping,It’s just that I was too tired and only slept for a few hours that day,The rest of the time is either driving or walking,It should be the same for another person.

Just walk like a zombie,The head turned around, the eyes floated around,Suddenly my eyes lit up,In the road across a house,A small shop appeared in front of him,It’s a rice shop with the taste of the past,He also stepped forward and took a closer look to confirm.

It looks a bit old and broken,No decoration, no design or furnishings,An old man sitting in front of the store,Looking at the people coming and going and the customers coming in to buy,But it attracted my attention.

Can retain this kind of early rice shop,To tell the truth is really not easy,Or such houses and shops,It's a bit like a miracle to see it,More people like modernization,Maybe it doesn’t have much competitiveness,But some are interactions and feelings between neighbors,The communication between people is simple and friendly,It reminds me of the orange shop in the countryside.

I feel a bit complicated, although I am happy to see it,But also sad, how long can I stay in this place,Can I see it again when I go next time?



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